Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 143- Sick

So, you know when you're sick, and you're supposed to drink tea, and gargle with warm salty water, and eat healthy stuff like soup and fruit? Yeah, I don't do any of that.

If my throat hadn't been heading in this direction before the bug-o-rama I'd think it was all because of the DE, but no, I'm just sick. My throat does feel like I've been gargling with shattered glass, though.

But I'm totally not eating what I should. I keep telling myself to just go ahead and make the mango sticky rice already (the mango is in the fridge and super ripe). Told myself to make a vat of lentil soup and some hot sweet tea, too. Neither one happened.

Instead I'm on my second two liter in 24 hours, I scarfed down two frozen pizzas, and instead of reheating one of the burgers I made, I had noodles with soy sauce for dinner.

None of that was very good for my throat, stomach, or the stuffiness growing in my head.

Guess I'm not that smart after all, huh?

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