Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 145- Good stuff and Bad stuff

Good stuff-
  • Reheated and cooked a black bean burger
  • fried some onion in oil and salt to put on top
  • had just enough catsup left to use on my burger
  • lemon heads help with sore throat
  • diphenhydramine HCl
Bad stuff-
  • No photos
  • Ate a bag of chips
  • Running a fever
  • Out of tissues, so gotta use toilet paper
  • Nose looks like it belongs on a clown
  • gurgling when I breathe and coughing isn't doing anything
  • can't sleep, even with benadryl
Good or Bad stuff-
  • voice is really low and scratchy, like an adult phone line operator
  • room spins slowly and wobbles slightly even without booze
  • just disconnected enough from what's going on that I'll try daring stuff I normally wouldn't
  • haz house guest
  • fever isn't high enough to hallucinate
Of course, the room spins just a bit for me anyway, but the rest of the stuff... wowz, cold. Better stay like this, too, and not get worse. Last thing I need is pneumonia again- I look horrible with blue lips.

Going to try to get some "make j. better" food going tomorrow. Not hungry right now, though- all the crap running down the back of my throat killed my appetite. This is not my week.


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well! I hope that fever goes down and the weather gets nicer so you can feel better. I know it's probably still too hot for soups, but you should try some... maybe they'd help making you feel better.

  2. Sounds like a sinus/inner ear infection if you're dizzy.

  3. TJ- hot soup is my food goal today- and very sweet tea.

    Kim- stuffy head and dehydration do it too, but I also have no sense of balance anyway (great for sailing, sucks for ballet)so it doesn't bother me too much. Probably is sinuses, with as stuffed as my head is.