Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 147- Not Much Changed

I no longer want to die, but I still look and sound like I'm going to. I've added an itchy throat, dropped (mostly) the fever, and the tea has most of the swelling in my throat gone too.

That said, I didn't eat much yesterday. I know I talked about soup, but I didn't make it yet.

Honestly, I slept most of the day, not getting anything done at all.

So for food I had some random left over chips I found in the kitchen, a dozen lemon heads, some advil and benadryl, a couple cups of sweet hot tea, and some noodles with soy sauce.

Actually, the noodles tasted funny, and I ended up having to choke them down.

As soon as I'm a bit more motivated (hopefully today) I'm actually making the mango "sticky" rice, and nomming it until it's all gone. I need the calories.

Ok, back to sleep.

1 comment:

  1. thinking the noodles might have tasted funny because of the lemon heads. just saying...