Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 151- Lessons from the Rolling Stones

Let's see if I can manage a day without whining and self pity.

And can I just say, wow, last night passed both slow and really really fast.

Anyway. food...

The soup, while still plentiful, is no longer tasty. It turns out that there's a limit to how much salt and water you can add to beans and veggies before soup just becomes watery mush. I've found that point.

So, since I've somehow got my days and nights all mixed up again (drat those years on overnights, they haunt me still), my day didn't get started yesterday until almost 6pm. Wow, late, right? I had some soup- still flavored at that point, but maybe a bit too salty- it's like the salt multiplies the longer my soup cooks....

Then around midnight or 2am I got all motivated and made another loaf of bread, using the pizza dough recipe again, with onion powder (pleh) and italian herbs (yum). Baked it almost long enough this time, and I've been eating it dipped in watery soup ever since.

It would have been much better dipped in Earth Balance or pasta sauce. But, to quote a song, you can't always get what you want. It's food, it's filling, and it's really not bad. Smart people, the Stones, even with the junkie thing.

Hmm... both whining *and* self pity. Oh well, I tried.

In other news, this song by B.o.B is really working with my life right now, somehow. It takes me interesting places in my thoughts...

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