Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 167- Leftover Twists and Cheating

So yesterday morning I finished off the last 2(ish) twists from the night before, with sauce. It was yummy. Then I worked. Not as much as I needed to, but more than I would if I didn't *have* to. Talked to mom, listened to Bear make happy dog noise over the phone, more work. Ran some errands, did some "out of the house" work stuff, came home hungry.

Went to the store with plans to buy a zucchini or two, come home, and make extra tasty veggie fried rice. Brought home 2 zucchini, ok ($0.69 incl. tax), but brought a bag of chips, too. Drat that FAIL! Don't think I need to say the fried rice didn't happen, but I will anyway.

Worst part (other than the whole cheating and cost deal) is that they don't even taste as good as I think they do, unlike the tomato sauce from the day before. I'm sure they'd taste better with some dip, but luckily my local Publix doesn't carry Sour Supreme and I'm not quite crazy enough to risk Daisy brand. Sour Cream (dairy) doesn't usually set off lactose intolerance problems in people, I'm told. I just figure those people don't eat the entire tub with seasoning in one go.

I'm starting to wonder if my Cheat-O-Rama is going to be as tasty as I want it to be. I mean, Tings, and fake meatball subs, and fake cheese on everything. There's no real down side to that, right? Plus real food from real food selling places? Food I don't have to cook myself? That burrito the size of my head I keep talking about that's big enough to (srsly) feed two people? Heck, avocados drizzled with fresh lime juice and salt, eaten with a spoon right from the shell. There is no way that won't taste good.



  1. You're right about the avocados, but I really can't comment on the rest of it.

    But maybe the cheating isn't as tasty because you feel guilty?

  2. No, I think the cheating isn't tasty because when I think of chips, I think of them as part of the with-dip flavor. Without dip they're really just salty fried potatoes. I don't even eat fries plain, so un-dipped chips are really sharp and boring.

    I'm pretty sure *real* food would taste good. Hopefully this is me, edging away from junk.

    But yes, avocados. I'm actually trying to figure out the logistics of moving someplace where avocados are cheap and plentiful. I think life would be perfect if I could eat avocados every day.