Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 174- Weekend of Hot (+2)

Yesterday was technically Friday, and I think I vaguely remember saying something about giving you my plan for the second half of the year, but I'm postponing that- maybe tomorrow or Monday- because I'm tired, and the dog says it's time to sleep.

Actually, he said that about half of the day, then really forcefully starting about 9pm.

Right, ignoring the dog (who I'm now bribing to eat) and back to the real subject here- Me Food.

Unlike Casa de j, Mom's house does not run the AC 24/7. It's kinda nice, not needing winter level blankets in 80+ degree weather, but also much hotter than I'm used to. Ok, not *that* much hotter, but hotter enough.

So I had to be over here by, like, crazy the sun was barely up-time, and didn't eat before wandering over. Mom left two (friend grown) eggplants for me, but I don't know what I'll do with them yet.

I brought my yeast jar, the rest of the red sauce I made, treats for the dog, the sweetened coconut milk (still good), and my magic bag of teabags. So no real food, but some random other stuff.

Mom offered me coffee, which I took (mistake) and sweetened (a lot) and coconut milk (again, a lot), and tried to choke down. It was fail. I just don't like coffee. If I'm going to eat something that's burnt, I'd rather it were something that tasted good to begin with. Coffee is not that thing.

So I drank half my half cup (give or take), and dumped the rest. Then they left me with the dog, and I took a nap for most of the day. When I finally woke up I went to get some soda and a bag of chips (I know, I know). And that's what I ate. Really not good. Not healthy either. And not at all what I was planning. But since I wanted to eat nothing at all, it's better than it could have been.

For now, though, a cold shower and maybe another nap is sounding pretty good. If the dog will let me. He sits next to the bedwith his nose next to my face and just *stares* at me until I do what he wants. It'd be cute if he were doing it to someone else.


  1. I make Francis take naps with me. Then he can't stare at me and keep me awake. Lol.

  2. Bear isn't actually allowedon the furniture, so I can't *make* him nap. But I can take away the squeeky bone to encourage it. Otherwise there's squeeking and happy dog noise the whole time.

    If he *were* allowed on the bed, it would probably be less nap time then ever- he thinks anything on his level is for playing with. Which is ... interesting... when you're trying to stretch or exercise, or there are small children around. At least he's cute.

  3. That sounds complicated, being at his level. Francis thinks being at his level means it's nap time. But he's allowed on furniture so maybe he views things differently. Sometimes I'm trying to do stuff and he puts a sleepy spell on me.

  4. No, bear's just... High energy. If they had doggie ritalin, he'd be on it. It's actually why I spend so much time trying to tire him out. The goal is to keep Mom from killing him long enough for him to mellow. It's not going well- he's about 4, and still puppy crazy.

    Not that she'd actually kill him, but sometimes....

  5. Oy. Francis has a lot of energy too. Sounds like Francis and Bear would wear each other out quickly. He'll be happy when P gets back and there'll be someone to rough-house with him. I totally feel your mom on the wanting to kill the dog sometimes thing.

  6. Wish you had pics. Bear is so adorable.

  7. Working on the pics. Actually, working extra to try and have enough left over to pick up a camera at the end of the month. I'll know by the 20th if I've managed it. Bear is mostly staring at me and nudging my elbow today, tho- I'm working and he wants to play.

    Oh, and every 8.2 minutes he does a big, dramatic, "I'm bored and you don't love me" doggie sigh. While watching me out of the tops of his eyes. Need to get him a llama.