Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 175- Potatoes and Pasta

So I trade watching Bear for access to my mother's kitchen. It's probably not fair, and I might sometimes go a bit too far with the eating thing, but usually I stick to reasonable limits.

But Mom has potatoes. I don't have potatoes. Well... Ok, so I *had* potatoes, but something in my house makes them all sprout in about 3 days, and that's just un-fun. So I attacked Mom's potatoes. I probably should have attacked the eggplant first, but oops.

So I used the 3 largest potatoes (at different times) and the two smallest onions, and made kinda breakfast potatoes. It was yummy. Just diced potato and onion, fried in oil, with salt, spices, and some kinda acid for extra yum. The first time I did basil, Jerk, and Turkish seasoning, with lime juice for acid. It was kinda sweet, but still tasty. Second (double-sized) batch I used the same spices, but instead of lime juice used the liquid from Mom's jar of Kalmata olives. Which is a super way to get (a slightly weaker) olive-y flavor.

The olives are pretty expensive, after all, and sometimes all you're going for is the vinegary bite. You could probably use half as many olives if you use olive liquid, too. Dunno.

Anyway, I also made some pasta (again, Mom's), and put about half my remaining red sauce on it. Which was yummy, but I think I might have over watered the saue. It was really thin, and not as flavorful as I would have liked. Oh well, too late now.

While I ate I watched a couple of the movies Mom and the Step-Dad borrowed from the library. Bear didn't like Friends With Money very much. I thought it was too much like watching a literary novel. Nothing happens, you really don't care, and the characters don't, either. Pleh.

Then we watched French Kiss. I totally get the lactose intollerance thing now, which I didn't the last time I watched it. And the story is still cute. But I guess I've spent too much time haunting travel sites, and talking to people who've actually *moved* to other countries and *are* residents of other places or dual-citizens. 'Cause... Well, the "get a new passport"bit was just wrong. It's forking difficult to un-be a US citizen. It's not just "apply to be a citizen elsewhere"and you suddenly don't get to have a new passport. You have to, like, stand in front of some mucky-muck, make some kinda oath, sign a bunch of papers, and even *then* they'll try to talk you out of it. They wouldn't send you to the consulate for the country you're trying to join- not first, anyway. You need a forking police report to get a replacement passport if yours has been stolen.

Yargh. It's worse than "Mysterious Movie Disease."

Ok, rant over. I think. Off to torture the dog, find something to do with some eggplant (1 of which is actively rotting), and get some work done. Oh, and laundry while I don't have to fight for washer time.

Non-food question- When you're watching a movie, what breaks you out of the story (in a bad way) every time? To be fair I'll include books and TV, too.


  1. Obvious technical impossibilities, for me.

  2. Technical impossibilities like 6-guns that shoot forever, or like the magic tv 1hr DNA lab?

  3. Uh... both, come to think of it. I would love to see the magic 1 hour DNA lab though. I can think of so many kinds of things I'd want to test in it. Like, my dog. I really wonder if he's a mix or not. Not because it matters, but because I like to know things.

    Oh, it also really bugs me when they show scenes in space where there's all this noise.

  4. I can't handle bad accent management. I've come to accept that Hollywood will substitute a British accent for any foreign language, but when you don't coordinate those accents so all your characters that are supposedly from the same place have the same accent, I can't handle it (see Man in the Iron Mask for egregious accent management). In conjunction with that, it seriously pisses me off when supposedly 'noble' characters are played by actors using poor English pronunciation - 'fer' instead of 'for', etc.

    Also, inaccurate primate placement is something I can't forgive. Outbreak used a capuchin monkey (SOUTH AMERICAN) as the source of its AFRICAN virus. There are NO CAPUCHINS IN AFRICA! Unforgivable.

  5. Ooh- accents- that's a good one! With the multi-faux British accent, I just figured each actor invented his own, and they gave up fixing them. I almost have to get drunk to watch boondock saints- they're supposed to be in, what? boston? None of the "cops" even tried. I can't watch Cold Mountain at all....

    Another good one- messed up geography, like putting Borneo in south america. I really hope it was an editing mistake, but you can never tell.

    I'm sure there's at least 1 Capuchin in Africa- they have zoos there, too. I see your problem with them roaming wild, tho.

  6. I hate it when movies don't follow a novel, if the novel came first. And, of course, if it was a sucky novel to begin with and the movie is 10x better, I'll razz it either way.