Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 193- Tasty Bread!

So yesterday I ate bread. I started off plotting to cook the chickpeas, realized I was too hungry for that, and moved on to my next want- bread. Of course, what i really wanted was a loaf of bread, cut into thick slabs, toasted, and smothered in tomato /onion /oil /balsamic topping. Which, of course, takes longer because you actually have to let it rise.

So that bread-y idea got tossed, and I moved on to twists, which is also where I ended. Sneaky, right?

So I made the twists, heated the oven, mixed up some oil /herb/ salt/ chopped onion stuff, dragged the twists through it, drizzled/ spooned the extra over the top, and baked them (not long enough). Then I mixed about a tablespoon of my tomato paste with 1/3 or so of a cup of water, some salt, some more herbs, and nuked it. Tasted kinda like tomato soup, strangely enough. Yum dipping sauce, though.

Then (of course) I nommed the bread. And nommed it, and nommed it.

Around 5pm I started thinking about making something for "dinner"--maybe actually cooking the chickpeas or something. Unfortunately, I've been falling asleep sometime between5 and 8pm lately, and I was too sleepy to tackle that. Probably today, though. I'm not sure if I want falafel or chickpea curry more.

And, of course, I *still* want the bruschetta. Maybe if I make pita breads...?

Question- You guys interested in another challenge? It's back-to-school *and* end of cookout season (n. hemisphere, anyway...) so some possibilities. What do you think?


  1. I've heard that you can use a microwave to do a quick-rise bread. You might want to google it, could be handy.

  2. Microwave bread? sounds kinda scary, actually...

  3. You just proof it in the microwave, you don't cook it there. It seems that it cuts at most a couple hours off rise time, and you still have to bake it in the oven.

  4. Ok, that's much less scary. Less scary even than beer bread made with bad beer (why would anyone do that???).

  5. I was on a craving kick the day of your bread nomming, and it was bread, bread, bread here as well. Had a juicey locally home grown tomato that was super ripe and delicious and waiting to be used. I had two "sammiches" with some mayo, tomato and bread, then went back to make another. Super yummy. I try not to use mayo often because of the junk they put in the product and the calories/fat, but this just pulled it all together. Locally grown produce is to me, just awesome. Pay a hair more for it than store bought, but to me the few extra cents make it worthwhile to support the folks who take the time to grow it and sell it down the street. Good stuff, hope they're selling some more tomorrow, I needs more tomatoes!

  6. You needs it, the precious?

    I actually *really* want mayo. I need to see if I can hunt down the ingredients. Is yummy.

  7. I've always wanted to make homemade mayo, since it's just oil, egg (I think) and seasonings. But for some reason, the adventure of making it stops... once I think about making it, lol. Perpetual loop of "I wanna make" and ... "I'm not sure what I'm doing so I'm going to skip it until next time" mode. Olive oil mayo seems like the healthiest way to do it but pricey. Maybe if I make a tiny experimental batch...

  8. I think there's mustard, too, in normal mayo- to hold the emulsion. If you're going to make mayo with egg, I suggest hunting down pasturized eggs. Might be tougher to find, but raw eggs? pleh.