Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 196- Near Almost Total FAIL

I didn't cheat- Cash Flow says No! I didn't really eat, either.

I cooked up 2.5 of the remaining 3 (tiny) potatoes- 1/2 had to go to the great potato beyond- it was gross. I peeled and sliced (tiny) a small carrot and half a half an onion. Fried and spiced and salted and nommed. Not bad as a breakfast, but I took a benadryl (allergies) pretty much right after that and napped until about 1:30.

By then it was time to go help the SD with his project (which is interesting and will take a whole ton of work), so no time to cook/ eat. Mom bought me a can of diced tomatoes at the Dollar store last week during her shopping, though, so I got to bring that home with me.

When I got home I finally cleaned out the crock pot and got the beans started. I was probably 7 before they were started, and I was ready to pass out by 8:30, so I turned them down and went back to sleep.

Gotta say, being off caffeine I sleep a whole lot more. It's not as restful, either. Driving me nuts. Hopefully I'll eventually catch up on my sleep-debt, but for now? This sleeping thing is getting old fast.

For today I'm thinking tea, spicy beans/ tomatoes/ onion over rice, and later maybe some bread. Yum, right?

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