Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 204- Shopping and Pizza

Shopping yesterday. I should have gone Sunday while everyone else was at church, but oh well. Save-a-lot was crazy but in an organized way, for once. Unfortunately, Publix had a lady who couldn't count in the express lane (with baby food- they let people who can't count reproduce?ZOMG!), and the lines were moving in a very... Southern... kinda way.

Sorry, derail. Anyway... it turns out that potatoes are no longer on sale and so have more than doubled in price again, so no potatoes. I picked up a bit more than a pound of sweet potatoes instead, a bit more than a pound of onions, a pound of pinto beans, a jar of tomato paste ($0.40 including tax, yum), and a frozen pizza at save-a-lot.

I know, frozen pizza = bad. But it was the cheapest junky food they had. Even the bag of Swedish Fish was more. I still got out for $4.11.

Then on to Publix of the super double bagging cashiers. Grabbed exactly 1lb of zucchini, then got in the *longer* line to try and avoid non-counting lady and slow cashier. Ended up in the shorter line anyway. Pleh. So 20 minutes for a pound of zucchini, and a re-dedication to not reproducing.

I'll try to get my snazzy (not) spreadsheet updated and shared in the next couple days.

For pizza... I actually bought and ate one, then made one. I was trying to think of what to do with the (burnt, dull) hummus, zucchini, and whatnot. Pizza sounded good, and it's been a while since I've really had a lot of it. I sauté the heck out of the zuchs and onions so they're tasty and salty and all that good stuff.

So pizza sounds like a slow, time taking kinda food, I know. If you have the pizza base in the fridge waiting, though, it's not much more than oven heating and baking time. I had to make the base, so it took a bit longer, but not much. Once the dough was resting I turned on the oven and started with the veggies. I want to get 6 pizzas out of the 2 zucchini and one of the onions, so I chunked off 1/3 a zuch and 1/3 of half an onion (the smaller one, still big), and chopped them up. Half moons for the zuch, just chopped up for the onion. Oil, salt, heat, magic. When the veggies were done browning and getting salty and floppy and whatnot, I chunked off 1/3rd the dough (rest is in a baggie in the fridge for later) and stretched it on a cookie sheet. Glooped/ spread hummus, scattered veggies, and baked for about 12 minutes at 450. It was nom-a-licious.

Which is good, 'cause I'll be eating it 5 more times in the next week or so. Plus sweet potato gnocchi (again, a lot), and something, though I don't know what yet, with pinto beans and tomato paste. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

But Yay! No rice!


  1. I could do a whole blog on people with kids at the supermarket. Around here, we have giant carts with small plastic cars attached to the front so the kids can ride in front of the cart (SO special & huge) and too d*&m big to get down the aisles of the store. Then, another store has teeny weeny small baskets that the kids can push themselves, so they can smash into the back of other customer's ankles (a treat, for sure!) Then, there are all the parents who allow the kids to negotiate for candy, etc. (and none of them say no.) So the line gets backed up while the kid screams and Mom or Dad say no 20x, then finally yes. And, my fave, the big baskets of balls the stores always seem to be selling and the kids think, 'playtime' and no one stops them as they run up and down the aisles bouncing balls and acting like animals. And don't complain to the manager or store personnel, 'cause they make way more money off those people than they do off non-breeders like you and me.

  2. That's why I usually just complain to the parents. Of course, then they tell me I'll understand when *I* have kids, I tell them I'm never having kids, and they get that twinkly evil look and tell me I'll change my mind before I'm thirty. I love the shock when I tell them I *was* 30, and no mind change happened.

    What would really work (other than not letting anyone under, say, 16 in a store after 8 pm) would be a padded, soundproofed, utterly dull room. That way people wouldn't have to (totally) abandon their shopping while Jr. throws a tantrum, and the rest of the store doesn't have to listen. Ooh, I bet that one would win me a prize.

    Pizza sure is good.

  3. Now that I've offended everyone... I don't actually *hate* children, just shopping or flying with them. : )

    Too much time cashiering, I think.

  4. I have children and don't like shopping with them or flying them either. LOL. I am the chick in the grocery store on my lunch hour flying down the aisles to get everything done. Just to avoid taking my kids to the store because unlike most parents I understand that no one else thinks that my kids are as precious as I do so if they are gettin' on my nerves then they must me getting on yours! HA HA...

  5. I was always amused by the people who thought I'd be more bothered by dealing with their left behind cart than their full-tantrum, 6-hour-overdue-nap, exhausted, healthy (loud) child. I'm surprised more people don't go into death metal, with the lungs on some of those kids.

  6. Lol, j. You've summed it up exactly what my kid is like in a nutshell. Ratio of a fail for a calm kid for shopping is at 98% in our household. Normally it's Dad dragging Junior out kicking and screaming and I do power shopping while they're in the car. Honestly, I don't like the hastle. So, normally I go shopping by myself because that way it's a nice, pleasant outting. Before kiddo was born hubs and I always did the shopping together (which was really fun). Not anymore!

    Occasionally we lose our sanity and TRY to have junior take a grocery trip with us. Big mistake. He's just too young to understand anything at the moment other than, "Let me run, isn't this a fun game in the grocery store?" No, it isn't. My patience level is intollerably low when it comes to screaming kids, and that includes my own as well. That's why grocery stores and restaurants are off limits for Junior until he gets older.

    @Cyndee ... live in New England? You just described our two grocery stores to a tee! lol