Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 213- Non-Splurgy Shopping

First off, thanks to everyone who helped me get my food-brain straight (er) yesterday. I have a better idea what to do for meals this week (give or take) now.

So, yesterday was kinda busy (for me, anyway) with an appointment, and a freak-out, and the whole driving around town doing errands thing. Bad for eating, good for pricing stuff.

So I found low cost apple juice (though probably low-quality too, I don't care right now), apple sauce that probably fits my budget (didn't get either of them), and thought about the whole food thing.

Wandered into Save-a-lot for flour and oil, picked up a 3lb bag of rice and checked prices on loose apples while I was there. $5.11 and I shouldn't need any more of those three for at least a couple weeks (I hope). I'll update the spreadsheet-deally after I finish shopping.

One of my errands brought me to Target (somehow not as bad as Walmart, tho I'm not sure why...), and I resisted the call of the really cheap pasta sauce and over priced house brand swedish fish. Also did not bring home cheap spiral mac and cheese, pasta shapes, nutella, or chocolate.

Bad news is, I was running late on the way to my appointment, and bought a (grab bag-sized) bag of chips, which I'm not counting, and some soda. So I'm back on caffeine after almost two weeks. The first bottle tastes foul, I think I might try to stick to water again after this. It gets old and boring, but at least it doesn't throw off my tastebuds. Pleh

On the subject of other food yesterday? Not so much. Was going to do (admittedly lazy) bread rolls and red sauce, but after all my running around the idea of kitchen time was... less than inspiring. Overall not the best day for food. I'll try to make up for it today. The rolls sound good, and I have *got* to eat before I go shopping. Shopping hungry is like an auto-fail. I should hunt down my iPod, it seems to help.

Off topic- only 3 days until International Talk Like A Pirate Day. What do you think, can I "cheat" and have a (cheap) beer for a cool totally non-religious (pastafarians don't count) holiday-type-thing? Tea-totalling pirates just sound wrong.


  1. Sounds like you did pretty good restocking on the basics. If you still have oatmeal, you could have that before going shopping. Might not be as tasty, but it should fill you up until after you're done shopping.

    Kind of a hard call to make for all of us (or just me), since we don't want to make you feel even more deprived than we think you already are, cheats and all. Call me simplistic and unrealistically out of touch, but I don't know how much would a cheap beer-outing would cost. I don't drink, so I dont even know what the prices look like. Maybe suggest that you share with your roommates and split the cost for a more decent beer rather than cheap? That would surely limit the cost per bottle/can.

    Perhaps if you are good in restocking and buying foods and less cheat items, you could 'save' for the beer in three days. :p

  2. Go for it and drink one for me as I don't drink either. Maybe you could score free beer at ladies' night or crash a party. Free/cheap beer is easy to find here, but then, I'm surrounded by rednecks.

  3. It's pretty easy to find "free" beer here, too- even on a Sunday night. I intended to have mine at home, though- so somewhere from $1-2, I think. I *think* for $2 I can get something decent.

    To be honest, I'm not much of a beer drinker, so I'm not totally sure...

    TJ- Ugh, oatmeal. I think it'd be better in muffins, where I don't have to look at it. I really only *feel* deprived when I'm eating oatmeal. ; )

  4. Haha. So oatmeals is out of the question, then. Unless you spend money on getting a blindfold...

    I didnt think about the ladies' night/free drink idea. Could work, if you only want one/a few drinks.

  5. Don't need a blindfold- I have a lot of *very* long socks, and they work about the same.

    When I drink I stop after 1, because I live 20 miles from the bar I go to, and a DUI would be expensive and stupid.