Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 215- Thursday's Shopping

Last week actually had a lot of kinda random stuff that's going to end up in Misc on the spreadsheet. With trips to 5 stores and purchases at 3 of them (one twice) it was a pretty high mileage trip, but I combined errands (mostly) to save gas.

Starting with Save-a-lot, I got:
  • Flour (1.49/5lbs)
  • Veggie oil (1.99/48oz)
  • Rice (1.49/3lbs)
  • Apple juice (1.19/64oz)
  • Cabbage (2.75lbs@.49/lb, $1.35- that's about 30% more than normal)
  • Bananas (.82lbs@ .19/lb, $0.16- reduced, overripe)
Then I drove aaaaalllll the way to Whole Foods (other stuff on the way, promise) for:
  • TVP (.24lbs@ 1.99/lb, $0.48)
And on the way back home hit up the Hang Lung (H&L) Asian Market to grab:
  • Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce (2.59/25oz)
  • Soy Sauce (1.79/ bottle)
All of that plus 23 cents in sales tax. Which, when I look at it all written down and stuff, really doesn't look like much...

The bananas are for muffins, instead of apple sauce, which is subbing for some oil and the eggs (and part of the sugar, too...). I actively despise bananas, but since the cheapest jar of applesauce was sweetened (why?) and more than the budget allowed, I went with the hated but marked down yellow fruit of stink.

Total spent: $12.76

Not bad, I think. The sweet chili sauce was more expensive than I expected, but not too much. Plus, much like cajun seasoning, it can go in almost anything. Yum.

Not recorded in the "official" count is (are?) $3.05 spent on a small bag of chips and a box of velveta shells and cheese. The mac and cheese ended up being the only thing I ate on Thursday--my appetite was that gone--and the only thing that sounded at all good. I still had to choke it down, medicine sux. Yesterday was better (kinda) and I made bread rolls and pizza dipping sauce. I have two left for "breakfast" today.

Oh, yeah, and tomorrow, Sunday, is international Talk Like A Pirate Day. Just so you don't forget. I still haven't decided about the beer.


  1. I *love* Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce. I discovered it through my Chinese friend and have never let it go since. Only 1 store around my area sells it, and that's the only sweet chili sauce I like. It does go with ANYTHING, I've found. Fried potatoes, pasta, even rice. Yum.

    I might've missed why you're not including things in the total... any reason, other than to hide (or keep off your spreadsheet) the cheat total amount?

  2. Mainly to keep it off the spreadsheet. Also, kinda to hide it from myself. If I give the amount as it happens, I can deal with it. If I add it up (like I did with soda one time...) and find out I spent $xxx on chips and extra junk for the (year/month) I'm concerned it might make me pull back spending on "real" food. It's not hardcore rule following, but I think it's the healthier option. In the weeks where the "cheat" food came out of my budget, I tended to eat less, and I can't afford the calorie hit.

    RE: the sauce- YES! I like to toss oven fries in it with oil and salt before baking. Sooo good.