Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 222- Tasty Bread

Yesterday was for pizza dough garlic-twisty-things again. I really like them 'cause they're easy, filling, and cheap. They aren't so healthy, though.

It's not the salt- I needs salt. It is my precious. Er...

It's not the gluten or the carbs, or the refining, or the cooking, or anything else that they are.

They aren't healthy because of all the stuff they aren't.

When I make pizza dough, I *should* cover it with veggies. Coat it with some kinda protein. Pizza dough is the base for an all food group eating extravaganza.

I turn it into a bread and (maybe) sauce fest.

Meanwhile, RM#3 asked what they were, how I make them, and where I get pizza dough from. I told her I make it, that the dough is just flour, oil, yeast, salt, water. "Ooh, but where do you get yeast?!"

She doesn't cook from scratch much.

RM#2 was having trouble getting his computer to run. He's replaced just about everything at this point, and couldn't get windoze to install. "Is it set to boot from cd?"


"Is the CD drive working?"

of course it is

"Are the hard drives set up right?"

oh, yeah, totally

"Do you have to designate master/ slave on them?"

Uh.. dunno?

"Is everything plugged in right?"

Turns out that last one was a no. The cable for the CD-rom wasn't in right, and (surprise) the computer didn't know it was there. Plug it back in right, shazam, magic, it works!

For the next bit of household torture, RM#1 and I are going to make him re-install his own video card.

Full of evil around here, we are.

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