Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 236- Dinner with Mom and the SF

Yesterday was at least as long as I expected it to be, pleh. Also, some vaguely bad news. Let's start with that...

So I got weighed. I've been avoiding it, I didn't want to know how bad it'd gotten. I'm sure the week of no-food, and the couple weeks of not-much food after have quite a bit to do with it. The result is that I've only got about 5lbs to my absolute, gotta stop everything in life and do nothing but eat all day, every day weight. Not good.

Mainly not good because gaining weight by stuffing myself means that, even though at least some of what I lost was muscle, all of what I gain will be fat- not good for the body, and it really doesn't help anything else, either. So I'll be working on fixing that, doing the "healthy weight gaining" thing. Which is always fun, 'cause it takes months and requires exercise. Double Pleh.

On to family dinner.

I went over early, to help mom with the printer-thing, which I'm not supposed to tell you about. The SF was in a video clip on the news last week (I think) and so mom showed that to everyone. I'd add a link, but I don't have a permalink, and I vaguely fear that if I link you guys to Bear the dog's actually real daddy, you'll hunt him down and keep the dog. If you pick the right day, they might even just hand him over.

Mom fed us (her, sister, SF, me) roasted garlic Sabra brand hummus (yum). It's *really* tahini-y, which is super healthy, 'cause the stuff's got tons of calcium in it. Unfortunately, it still tastes like chalk to me, so...

So a vat of hummus with tortilla chips, then shrimp (for them) and tofu (for me, and mom had some too) with Tasty Bite Pad Thai Sauceover udon.

The pad thai sauce will not be showing up at moms house ever again, I suspect. It was... sweet. Like, someone dumped a vat of sugar in it sweet. Very strange. And then, mom's not really up on the whole "to cook tofu" thing, so it was soft and white, and rather than browning (in that yummy way it has) it was still soft and white on all sides. And pretty much lacking in flavor, as tofu tends to do if you don't play nice with it.

But the hummus was good!

I'm pretty sure next time I visit I'll be fixing the dvd/ cd-rom. Oodles of fun.

Meanwhile, Bear and the TD were super excited to have so many extra hands around. they both totally forgot any manners they may ever have possessed. Bear got his bad ear wiped out, then stared at me like I was evil and abusive for the rest of the night. The TD made an escape attempt, which was foiled when, instead of heading down the road, like a good escapee, he jumped in the open door of my car, and sat himself down in the driver's seat.

I love when dogs are easy to catch. Not sure how I'd do it without a car to open, though. It's totally my go-to dog catching method.

Ok, off to reheat the leftover pad thai and see if adding a pile of salt makes it better/ less sweet...

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