Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 238- Pasta Pile-o-hugeness

I *had* pasta... Yesterday I still had pasta. Then I had pasta, and the rest of the box went away. Into my tummy. Very very fast.

Which, thinking back on it now, was probably a mistake, because I felt like someone's stuffed holiday centerpiece for about 8 hours after eating it.

It was a pretty basic pasta. I used to make about the same pasta-thing when I ate (and could afford) cheese. It's twisty pasta, caramelized onions, oil, salt, today chipped garlic, and used to have (about half a pound of) grated mozzarella cheese. Mix it up, oniony goodness with pasta-y greasy goodness and nom.

Probably shouldn't do 2/3rds of a box for one person in one sitting, though. Or use a while onion if you live with other people or share your space at work. Super yummy, though.

In other news... I need some veggies. I think it's going to end up being the fried bean-deally this week, with maybe some sweet potato (to be purchased) mixed in. Partly because I can't afford the extra ingredients today, but mostly because putting together enchiladas takes waaay more time and effort than just rolling pasta and frying the buggers 'til they're done.

But right now my veggie collection is made of onions, 3 carrots, some apple juice, and half a tin of tomato paste. Not good at all. At this rate I'll be eating a meat-free standard American Diet by the end of the week. That would be total FAIL.

Bonus Cute Bear Pic-

That's me, hiding behind him. I think I might have been holding bread...

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