Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 242- Beans Do What?

So I peaked at my beans last night. The ones I almost turned to charred death? Yeah, those. They were growing a strange kinda white sheet over them. I opened them up, and they smelled like bad.

Ok, they smelled like dead body, and mold experiment gone wring. Like foul, bloody things that come out the wrong end of a *really* sick dog.

Beans should not smell like that. Certainly not after only a day or so. Not good.

I'm thinking I may need to bleach the crock pot of doomy-ness. Which is going to be kinda involved, 'cause I don't own bleach.

"What?" I hear you wondering, in your cubes and whatnot. "How does anyone *not* own bleach??!"

Easy. I don't eat meat, so I don't cook with it. The RMs don't cook at all, other than the odd box of mac and cheese or frozen chicken nuggets. Without raw-meat-cooking in the kitchen, I really don't need to bleach the cutting board (or anything else) like... ever.

"But what about laundry??! How do you keep your whites white???!" (wow, you guys are really excitable this morning...)

Um... I think I own a total of five white items. One is a towel. One is a pair of socks (that might not be technically "white", but rather "natural") and the third through fifth are a bra, hand wash-only shirt, and a tank top of the wife-beater variety. Not a lot of call for bleach at chez j.

Now, chlorine-neutralizing laundry detergent to keep my blacks blacker and my greys the same shade of grey they were when I bought them? Yep, plenty of call for that stuff. Not so much with the white, though. (pretty sure the RMs would be unhappy if I re-blacked my clothes in the communal washing machine with grape juice and black dye...)

Back to food.

So the black beans will be going to a new and smellier home, just as soon as I can get them out of the kitchen and double bag them and toss them and whatnot.

Instead of the beans, it was another carb-o-rific kinda day. Finished the bread rolls, made a flour nugget-thing, finished the EB and sour supreme... Oh, and I had the *very last* tea bag of the tasty vanilla chai stuff. Without any kinda milky/ creamy stuff it was kinda bitter at the end, and I'm suspecting that 4 teaspoons of sugar was maybe a bit of overkill, but not bad.

Note: 4 teaspoons of sugar may make your blood sugar peak, then tank. Leading to shaking, wobbling, and overall unhealthy floppyness. Do Not Want. Next time will try to balance sugar high with protein. Not as much fun, but less fally-down-ness later.


  1. Were the beans still in the pot? Considering the temp you cooked them to, the mold was probably introduced afterwards, so the problem is most likely that they just weren't stored properly. I guess it is possible that the crock pot was contaminated, but if the beans had been cooked at a high enough temp the mold should have been killed.

    If they were in the fridge, maybe you have a temperature problem.

  2. ... *might* still be in the pot. I re-cooked them last night to kill off the microbe-y stuff. Guess I should clean out the pot and start again. With my luck/ skill, one of these days I'll end up with a botulism-infested crock pot. Meh.

  3. If you cook them with a bit of acid and then get them right in the fridge, this shouldn't happen again.

  4. sorry I won't be able to go to any website for the next couple days.... distracted by sock dreams and their fraking awesome thigh-high socks. dying of sock-lust. thanks for the link!

  5. theresa- I had to share the socky joy. they are nice socks, and a great selection. I'm totally in love with the whole toe sock collection, and the inklined stockings are great, too. But when it gets cold, it's those ribbed M's. They used to come in more colors, but still, I has socky love for them. They stay up pretty much no matter what. Better than hockey socks.

    Kim- yeah, but then I'd actually have to remember to put them in the fridge... I know, slacking. Good thing I have a nice strong stomach (mostly), huh?