Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 247- Mommy Feeds Me

So I went and visited my mommy, who had veggies for me. And she took me to the grocery store, so she could buy random pig parts for bean making. It was supposed to be some kind of bone- ham? But the (old lady closet-smelling) store didn't have them. So she got random pig part instead.

She also was trying to get me to let her buy me more food- like rice, and possibly beans. But having already borrowed money and been gifted with veggies and promised lunch, I figured I was more than far enough into the whole mom-borrowing thing for, well, a good long while.

Plus, there's always the possibility that she'd count groceries as winter-holiday/ birthday gifts, and I'd much rather have cookies than rice.

I *still* kinda really hate rice.

So after the short trip to the nearby mothball smelling grocery store Mom and I went to Moe's.

I may have talked about Moe's before. They have burritos. And tacos. And Tofu.

I heart Moes.

I got ginormous burrito the size of my head. Mom got a similarly huge taco, some queso, and we both had soda/ tea stuff. I think I'm still full. They have yummy salsa. Some day I'm going to go there with my own real money and get a burrito with some of everything I eat on it. And beer. Lots of beer.

Oh, yeah, they sell Beer at Moe's.

Yep. So then we went back, looked at dog stuff, I showed her the hyperbole and a half blog, and chatted. I'm sure she was ready to get rid of me by then.

She packed me up a couple bags of veggies. There was a ripe avocado, a nice tomato, an eggplant even bigger than the burrito bigger than my head I ate, some garlic, some onions, a couple potatoes, the head of cabbage she got for me back when she bought the amazing non-furry yellow squash. Hmmm... what else... Ooh, 2 lbs of carrots. I think there was something else too, but I don't remember what....

For even more better-er-ness, I also have caffeine again, and the TD is (probably) going for a second, overnight tryout visit.

For badness, though, I think the mystery red sauce gave me super painful explosive intestine stuff. Or else that was the salsa...

Otherwise, any ideas what to do with a 2+ pound eggplant? Trying to decide between babaganoush, roast eggyplant pizza/ calzone, and some kinda eggplant stuffed ravioli. That one is *not* in the lead. It's much more work than the others. More cleaning, too.


  1. I love this dish made with eggplant. I don't if it is beyond your budget or not. I think it is vegan..

  2. I like making eggplant parmesan. You could easily wing it I'm sure. Just slice, batter and fry your eggplant. Then layer it with marinara and cheese. Bake til bubbly. YUM!

  3. Mmmm Eggplant Parmesan. That was on my list if I couldn't con J into taking the giant eggplant. A healthier and faster option rather than battering and frying is to dip in either low fat milk or an eggwash, drench in bread crumbs. You simply place on a cookie sheet sprayed with non stick spray, drizzle some EVOO and pop into the oven at my favorite temp (350). Bake for I think 10 to 15 minutes and you are good to go. This may not work for J but I suspect you could come up with a workable solution to replace the milk or eggwash.
    Love, Mom

  4. babaganoush. I just got an eggplant at the farmer's market yesterday. My hubby is voting for babaganoush, but I'll probably make caponata. I love caponata. He doesn't.

  5. It was a ham hock, probably - piggie thigh bone. Really good for cooking black beans, and essential if you want to do them cuban style.

    As for the eggplant, how about a babaganoush stuffed flatbread? I might actually have stolen that idea from you, but I did it a few months ago and it was super yum. Plus it gives you bread and veggie delivery in one bite.

  6. The mission was to buy a ham bone without us having to eat an entire ham. There are only two of us and that's way too much. I think we came home with pieces of ham bone. Half went into the great northern beans and the other into the freezer. I now have a delicious pot of creamy beans with ham and veggies. Not something J would eat since it has meat but a wonderful fall treat. Bear and TD were quite interested with what was on the stove. They are both wet right now since I finally broke down and gave them baths this am. Bear is almost dry, TD well...he will take a tad longer (like the rest of the day).
    Signed, J's mom

  7. Christine- I think the spices put it out of reach. Otherwise that looks *really* good. Of course, before they moved everything around there were bulk spices (by the oz) at EarthFare. If they still had them, this would probably work out better.

    tiff- I'm with mom on the Mmm for eggplant Parm. It's good stuff. She used to have to watch me veeeery carefully when she was frying the eggplant for it, I'd grab them off the plate as they came out of the frying pan.

    Marcia- this eggplant is big enough I could probably make both. Not quite sure how it would work, but srsly, it's huuuge. Hmm, both...

    Kim- Yeah, ham hock sounds about right. Sadly I've given up trying to identify all the parts of a pig you can find at a southern grocery store. I'm pretty sure most (other yankee) people don't eat about 95% of it. The Baba stuffed flatbread... I forgot about that. I think it's on the list.

    My magic happy mommy lady- You can get around the eggwash/ milk thing by using water or soy milk. Could probably even use oil to make it stick. Or some people mix up fancy egg sub stuff.

    2 q's for you, mommy lady- How did the TD like his bath, and... if it were on super sale, would you have bought a ham instead of just looking for the bone?

  8. TD tolerated his bath. He didn't try to escape. I think it looked like more fun when Bear was having his. There is alot o dog to wash there!
    Ahh, question 2. You know me and sales but I would really have to think about that.


    sorry mom, this link's for you.

    I think *everything* looks like more fun when bear is doing it.

  10. Well, I think a really good butcher will have most of the pig parts no matter where you are, but regardless I'm with your mom on this one - ham bones to flavor beans are amazing. I use them with black beans, because those are the only beans I eat (I am new to eating beans, used to hate them, except baked beans, because - bacon!), but I think I might try branching out. My dislike is a textural thing, which is apparently fixable by cooking method.

    Now I want to make a stuffed flatbread.

  11. I'm pretty sure pigs in the south have extra parts. The only one I haven't seen yet is the brain.

    Which is too bad, really, 'cause brains are cool, in a sciencey, wow, that's gross, can I play with a model or something instead kinda way. Derail?