Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 251- I heart Potatoes and Tofu

I don't know if it's because they're easy, or fast, or just so darned flexible, but I heart these two things. I can happily wander along for weeks or even months without either of them.

Then I get a bit of one or the other and it's a mad race to see how fast I can finish it!

I think I'll be finishing off the potatoes I have today (down to half already, should be easy) - probably fry them up with carrot, tofu, onion again for a good round meal-, then make a batch of tofu "ricotta", roast the eggy plant (oops), cook up some onion and mix myself a tasty batch of pizza dough and have "cheesey" calzones for the next day or two. Om nom nom.

Or, you know, for dinner...

Yesterday I worked out a way to get the tofu to fry without burning the flour topping. I just fried the tofu first, plain. All (most?) of the water comes out and kinda oil-poaches the stuff first, then the side against the pan starts to get brown and crispy. On low heat this could take forever, but at med-hi it didn't take too long. On high it'd take very little time, but getting the tofu unstuck from my defectively non0-stick wok would kill the time savings. So I wandered from medium to high, and fried off the bottom, while slicing carrots and onions and nuking a potato so it wouldn't take too long to cook when I was ready to toss it in.

When I had one side all nice and browned (and scraped off the wok-bottom) I added the veggies, then I spiced it (yum), and only *then* did I add the flour over it and toss the whole batch in it. I had to scrape the stuff off the bottom again, but it meant that everything got some crispiness, and there were crispy bits just loose int he food, which I like, and the flour didn't burn, so I could cook the tofu as done as I wanted it.

Yum, and win.

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