Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 250- Cheapy Challenge

First, I made fried tofu and yummy veggies yesterday. They were really tasty. They were also really cheap.

It's time for another challenge, I think. The tasty tofu and veggies made me think about it.

You see, here in the northern hemisphere most people are moving solidly into Autumn. In the USA we're racing toward Thanksgiving (Canada already *had* theirs...). Sounds like a good time to look at ideas for feeding people yummy food that's also cheap, right?

So here're the Rules:
  • food items *must be* under $1 a lb (or local equivalent)
  • make either a single course or a full (multi course) meal
  • spices you *already* have are excluded from the price limit
  • one item of more than $1/lb is allowed per course
  • Recipes, prices, and/ or photos of actual cooked food due on or around November 7th.
  • "free" from garden, "free" from gift, and free from trash picking/ dumpster diving/ friendly neighborhood rubbish skip all allowed.
Oh, and because I know people in NYC and (possibly) the UK are wondering how the heck they're supposed to find this cheap cheap stuff- try to find things that fit into the budget, but if you look and look (try grocers in immigrant neighborhoods for beans and veg and whatnot) and can't build a full meal, you can go up to $2/lb (US), which is (about) 1.25GBP/ 430ish g. UK-types let me know if that's fair.

So, I made that fried tofu. It was:
  • tofu ($0.85-ish/lb, .5lbs),
  • 1/4 onion ($0.50/lb?),
  • a carrot ($0.75/lb?),
  • 2 potatoes ($0.60/lb?),
  • salt ($2.50/3lb box),
  • oil ($1.99/ 48oz bottle),
  • 1/2C flour ($0.25/lb),
  • 2 cloves fresh garlic (?),
  • and paprika and some spicy pepper I already had.
Yep, think that was everything. It was full of oil, and protein, and vitamin A. Next time, though, I think I make a scramble. Just as yummy, but faster. Much, much faster.

So, who's in?

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