Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 259- Getting Ready for My Break

Yesterday was... basic. The last (for a little while) in an endless list of days with boring, cheap food that tastes like [pleh] and lazy.

So I'll tell you what it was, then pretend it never exhisted, and get ready for a tasty month of eatable food.

I did the fried tofu thing again. Duh, with both my curry powders in it (and either I'm now off-gassing curry, or I'm not the only one around eating the stuff...), and followed that up with between nap bowls of oatmeal. From the original bucket. That somehow *still* has oats in it. Which I just don't get. It should be gone by now.

I wonder, sometimes, if oatmeal (and lentils... shudder) reproduce in their little bin, all alone, late at night. Just to torture me extra much. Foul, nasty oatmeals... Smeg- er... j, yeah, that's it, j doesn't like oatmeal. Yep, me, j. Not cave dwelling, ring petting, fish chomping halflings. Nope.

Plus, I'm too tall.

My Halloween went great, too- after the roommates remembered that it was Halloween and to turn of the dratted porch light so the trick-o-treaters wouldn't come looking for candy we didn't have... oops...

I went over to my sister's place, where she dressed me up, gave me pink-ish purple eye shadow, super dark lipstick, and emo hair and tossed me in a fairy costume.

A rather short fairy costume.

With no wings... Oops...

So I was a pale, dark, emo fairy with no wings. But I got to ask everyone I ran into if they'd seen my wings. No one had... I was sad. With pink/purple eye makeup.

Pink/purple, it turns out, is really not my color. I gots some blue eyes with a yellow (yes, really- like a cat) ring right around the iris, and pink/ purple really doesn't work with that.

Oh wells, know better for next year.

Now, it's NaNoWriMo, Anyone else playing?


  1. I'm going to try...but I have a feeling I won't get far! Good luck and keep us posted on your word count and your yummy food this month!

  2. I still have *no* idea what to write... and we're almost 12 hours in here! maybe I should have picked something out and done more plotting last month, instead of airy-fairy idea dreamering...

  3. I'm playing! 4800 words in and I think my brain waved bye-bye as it went over the hill.

  4. The last time I did NaNoWriMo I cheated *blushes*. I'm horrible, I know. I copied and pasted about 1/4 of what I wrote all over again :(
    I'm hoping to be legit this time :)

  5. Ack, now I'm feeling the *fail*. It's almost 10 and I still haven't *started*.


    Guess it's time to switch from my super uber 1337 machine to my craptastic writing pre-netbook of writerly shame and productivity (+1)

  6. I'm doing it for the first time. It might be crap, but I'm gonna get 50k words or die trying.

  7. um.. if you're planning to die trying anyway, make sure you check back here tomorrow. I think I might have to do a special NaNoWriMo-centric kinda post.

    And have I ever got some resources for *you*.

  8. Think it would be less if the 50K words for NaNoWriMo was converted to metric?

  9. I hear it's shorter in finnish- something about compound words... or maybe that'd be *longer*, then.... like a metric ton being heavier than a nice, heavy 'merkin one...

    Um... Yeah...

    Back to writering now.

  10. Just found your blog. Interesting concept. I think I could do it, but only if I got to spend a couple hundred dollars on seasonings and basic baking supplies (flour, sugar, cinnamon, etc). As long as I had those items on hand, I would be able to make the oatmeal taste fabulous, as well as the beans and other low-cost foods.

    Thanks for the interesting concept idea! Makes me wonder how well I could feed our family of five on $150/month (a dollar a day per person, per month). If I got my garden going, and canned all the food, I think it would be possible!

  11. patricialynn- Welcome! Economies of scale make me think it would be much easier for multiple people than it is for just one. $150 is enough (even without a garden, maybe) to cover purchases of large bags of flour, oats, or rice each month, as well as a greater variety of protein foods.

    Obviously a garden makes things go farther, but basic food for 5 (even without those tasty spices) is just naturally less expensive than food for 1.