Thursday, November 11, 2010

OBD 10- More Potatoes, Still No Chili

I admit part (most?) of my reason for not making the chili yet is that I have to clean the crock pot. I just don't want to face it right now. I really want chili, though, so I need to get it made.

Potatoes, though, are now (as of this morning) all gone. I made home-fries (kinda) yesterday with carrots and onions in them. I don't know what's up with my chili powder, either I'm just not using enough, or it's the powdered form of the world's mildest chili ever.

Had some mid-day appointment stuff that dragged me all over town. Found out I get new medicine that's going to turn me into a human carb disposal (like I'm not already???) which should help with the whole not losing weight thing. Om nom nom.

While I was out and about, though, I wandered into Publix. Remembering that someone (Lindsey) had said that Cabot cheese reported no lactose (um... ) I decided to try it, and grab a bag of tortilla chips for the chili in the same trip.

Now, the last time I bought cheese, it was from a grocery store that put all the dairy stuff in the same spot- cheese, butter, those tubes of cookie dough, sour cream. This store, it turns out, is not organized like that. I wandered along the back dairy wall for, oh, 15 or 20 minutes and never saw the cheese. Which makes sense, 'cause the cheese isn't with the *other* dairy stuff, nope. It's on the bacon wall.

Er, maybe I'd better call it the "strange processed meat" wall, since it also has hotdogs and pre-sliced mystery lunch meat. And cheese. Publix is a strange store.

Anyway, I came home with my santitas tortilla chips ($2, always!) and half a pound of extra sharp (I think) white cheddar. I don't have a grater. None of my (non-cooking) roommates has a grater. I still made nachos.

How, you might wonder? Well, first I tried shaving the cheese with my veggie peeler, but the cheese on the end kept chunking off. So I sliced off about an oz off the end, sliced that really thin, then cut those slices into little chunks and spread those over the chips. Maybe 2oz total for the whole thing.

ZOMG, there's gotta be *some* lactose in there, 'cause my intestines are all ouchy today. Or it could just be cramps... Kinda a similar pain, different outcome. Overshare?

NaNo Update- I'm 10 days behind. I've got 1945 words. I'm going to be playing write or die all day today, between "actually really for dollars" writing. 'parently if I keep writing at this rate I won't be done until July of next year. Uh oh...


  1. I totally understand the 'between "actually really for dollars' writing' thing. That's where my push and pull normally resides on a daily basis. Gotta eat, pay rent, etc...

  2. Yep, and there's *nothing* tempting to write on TB today. Ugh. *Not* writing 1500 word spinnable article on tv's. No, just no.