Saturday, November 13, 2010

OBD 12- Exciting Times At Casa De j.

First, wow, RS likes to talk. I mean, holy crap he likes to talk. Ugh.

Next, it looks like RM's 2&3 are totally fed up with the whole bug/ rent/ guy living in the garage thing. They are *also* still paying the same rent as when there were only 3 people, (and one of them is person #4, but still...) and are now totally fed up. Since they too are finally being eaten alive (and even noticing it) by the vile nighttime vampire scourge.

So I suspect they'll be moving out soon. And I'm sitting here, thinking rat-shack dealing with thoughts, repeating "I can deal with it until january" like it's some kind of mantra.

Better news is that I have an interview for a temporary job on Monday. Which might not work out so well for all of you, but is splendid for me. Except the whole job thing, and the bit where it screws with my non-schedule. And the part where dealing with people is physically exhausting. Um, yeah...

But it'll be *almost* money...

Also, there will probably be some changes here on the blog at the end of November. Not totally sure what they'll be yet, so i don't want to be all "ZOMG, I has 1337 planz!" and then decide against 90% of it.

Oh, and I apologize for being the world's worst record keeper. I know I made that nifty spreadsheet, and I put that link up there to it, then promptly never updated it again. If I were good at doing logical, time taking, boring stuff with numbers and spreadsheets I wouldn't have dropped out of accounting. Or statistics.

Oh, almost forgot food! I ate nachos again yesterday. I was making them, and thinking to myself "gee, I really need to cook the beans, so I can put them on here, 'cause this is a really sad, protein free meal" when I realized that I wasn't using vegan non-soy cheese (protein of negative 2) but actual cheese. Um, yeah. I felt kinda stupid after that. Also, chili *still* not made.

Now, back to figuring out how to get my stupid video card to stop crashing every time I run *any* game in full screen mode. I'm thinking it's a windows problem... Ugh. Or maybe a nap...


  1. Good luck with the interview. How's Bear? No pics lately (I'm such a fan...and allergic to dogs, btw)

  2. Bear is... Bear. He sneaked paper earlier today. He is... naughty. If timeout worked for dogs, he'd be there all day long. He's still driving the TD nuts. I'll work on mom for the pics.

    And I don't believe for a second that you're allergic. You just want more photos so you can hunt him down and have him for your own. Pick a day after he's decorated the house with half-eaten toilet paper (fresh off the roll) and they'd probably let you have him, too.