Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OBD 16- Junk

Yesterday was a super junky day. I could blame mom, but I'm thanking her instead. See, I was waiting on a small pile of money that never showed up, and mom loaned me enough to eat and drive and caffeinate until it *does* show up. Not a lot of money, but enough. (and which I will be paying her back)

And even though I was *really really really* craving Taco Bell on Monday, and yesterday when I *could* go out and buy something more expensive then an onion, I went to the grocery store instead and got something probably a lot worse for me, but also with more calories and less cost.

So I got a bag of chips and 4 boxes of super sale mac and cheese. Now my intestines hate me, but I'm sure the temperature regulating parts of my body love me.

Should I have picked up an avocado instead? Probably. Should I resist the urge to eat chips and their so-called empty calories? Almost definitely. But they are *still* one of the few ways I know of to crunch my way through 1600 calories in less than 6 hours without having my stomach explode.

Of course, because they were cheese flavored, my intestines are *still* shrieking at me.

Now, I'm not saying other broke people should eat chips. And I'm not saying other skinny people should likewise depend on chips for extra calories. Though watching my body temp go up about a degree in the hour after I started eating the chips was interesting (it's back to a more normal 97.9, from a high of 99.2 last night).

Also, since I *should* be starting to "work" at an outside job in the next week or so, there will still be the odd overpriced item popping up, but I'm going to try and get some real meal rotation going. I'll try to price out recipes, but I don't know how long it will work out for. I'll also try to provide guesstimates for the cost of each recipe from an almost totally empty kitchen. Actual ingredient cost per recipe tends to be much lower, I know, but sometimes you have *nothing* in the house but some catsup and salt. And I just think it's interesting how much a recipe can cost to buy everything for.

I get to see Bear today, so I'll try and get some pictures. Maybe one or two ZOOM-ing ones, even.

2 questions-

  1. Do you notice *your* body temp going up after you eat? And, 
  2. I know most of you don't come here for recipes (which is good, since I haven't been posting many) but is there anything you'd like to see (stuff under $3 all in, ideas featuring WIC foods, stuff made with things you can find at a convenience store, base recipes, etc)? I can't promise to pull it off, but it'll help me come up with more food ideas than just "fried rice, fried rice, fried rice. Chips. Chili, fried rice..."


  1. 1. Sometimes, I think it depends on what I eat, and how much in one sitting.
    2. My personal major interest is usually hacks - how do make traditionally more expensive things cheaper.

  2. Hmmm, I don't know how many things I make are normally expensive. Stuff like lasagna?

  3. Well you might not make anything that expensive, you might already be making the cheaper versions.

  4. 1. Never really noticed my temp going up with foods that make me go, oooh no.
    2. As soon as saw that you had played WoW, was trying to live off a $1 per day, etc., I thought, "Now there is someone after my own heart. WoW and thrifty." I'm always on the look out for cheap, good eats and trying to make ends meet.

  5. Kim- ah, kinda like the chili I keep avoiding...

    MrsQ- This isn't like a cheese thing, this seems to be my bodies strange need to turn all energy *directly* into heat. Maybe I spent too much time in cold places?

    I can do cheap. Good, well, we'll see.