Monday, November 8, 2010

OBD 7- Yayz, Dramaz!

So... the random in the garage comes with drama. And a wife. And a ungrown human genetic experiment. Having met the donors, I'm pretty sure it'll turn out to be a *failed* experiment, but who knows, strange things happen every day.

Hit publix for super sale kraft brand mac and cheese, have angry intestines, ate half a pound of steamed/ stir-fried broccoli with onions, garlic, soy sauce while waiting for Publix to open.

They don't open until 7! What about people who are hungry at 6:30, tho? Yep, they just have to wait. Fail.

Also got choco "cream" cookies. I say "cream" because they contain no dairy. Indeed, based on the ingredients they are (maybe, possibly) vegan. They were also cheap. Win! Unfortunately they also contain every food coloring known to man. Interesting to watch me get nuttier and nuttier and my focus get worse and worse the more I ate.

Stupy food colors.

Anyway, yeah, RM1 has rented out the garage. For occupancy. Without a lease. With nothing going through the "landlord" (his mother), and he can do nothing about my rent, because the lease I have is with his mother. For "his" house.

I'm pretty sure I'm missing something here.

I'm also pretty sure that if my "friend" gets kicked out of their housing and can't live with *family* I don't rent them my garage, let them crash my couch, or otherwise move them in unless:

  • We've lived together before
  • I don't have other roommates
  • Clearing it with anyone else who lives with me
  • I have an *empty bedroom* or
  • We share genetic material in a "shared donor" or direct donor/ product relationship.
I'd totally help them find a place to stay on Craig's, tho... or an extended stay hotel.

And if that twit asks me one more freaking time why I don't eat turkeys, or tells me again about her non egg eating, but fish nomming "vegetarian" friend, I fear I will give up all claims to nonviolence and slam her head into the table, or wall, or window or something.

And then I'll offer to roast and eat her dogs, cats (she has 10) and child. 'Cause, you know, they're stupid and made of meat.



  1. Is your landlord aware of the facts that one of her tennants (regardless of familial relationship) is essentially subleasing a nonlivable part of HER building and keeping 100% of the profit? Because at least in NY you aren't allowed to sublet at more than a certain percentage of what you already pay, and that percentage is way more than what I'm guessing is going on here.

  2. I brought it up with RM#1 late last night, actually. Not only is subletting a potential problem, but most cities I've lived have had laws about how many unrelated people can live in a housing unit.

    So he talked to him mom last night and (surprise!) she was really not thrilled with it. So now RM1 is moving home, random stranger (RS) is moving into the master bedroom (at, I'd assume, still reduced rent....), and that "should take care of it"...

    I'm not sure how this will work out, since RS and his wife are, according to this, still living separate. Wife and kid are not to live here, and kid is only supposed to be here when we're all actually awake. Guests aren't excluded, but how far will they push "guest"? Who knows...

    All I can think is "if I had $1k in the bank, I could just leave." Makes the whole thing a little less fun.

    So... possibly fixed, for now, maybe.

  3. I would still question of the legality of this whole mess. So, RS and wifey come in, RM1 moves out and it's all fine? And they were trying to rent a garage?

    Are the RS and wife living together? I got lost in the whole situation after you mentioned a child... but if they are going to have more people than 1 to replace RM1, the rent should be re-sized again. Not your fault they made a mistake.

  4. theoretically wife and kid will be staying where they are now. Reality? No idea. Of course, if RS is taking over my room when I move out, and getting in a lease for it...

    How many married people *not* divorcing live in different houses in the same town?

    So realistically I expect to be making regular, angry calls to the landlord by the end of next week over 3 people in that bedroom. Extra realistically, I should probably work my behind off, save all the pennies I can, and just move out at the end of November. Dunno..

    But yeah, kinda sketchy, law-wise.

    Also, sorry about the scattered post, yesterday/ this morning was not good for brain-ing.

  5. Nothing like an upheaval of routines to throw anyone off kilter. I am not a fan of change, so if in your place I would be pretty livid.

    And can't go wrong with saving up for the future. Just keep your hopes up and be strong, and well! You're moving forward, that's all we can do in life.

    (and I got a lol on your previous post about your fish eating 'vegitarian' acquaintance. I had someone like that, they ate chicken but considered themselves a 'vegan' otherwise. When you hear that how can you not roll your eyes at them? ROFLMAO).

  6. Lol, yeah. I've met a couple people around here lately who were vegetarian "except for bacon"... 'cause, you know, pigs don't count...

    But yeah, avoiding the drama, hopefully it will go away. Worst case, it motivates me to work more so I can leave sooner. Ugh.