Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 305- Ginger!

Later today I get to go bake cookies (I think) with my mom, sister, and the dog.

No gingerbread, though, I don't think we're really "rolled" cookie kinda girls. I *know* Bear is not a rolled cookie kinda dog. He's a raw cookie kinda dog. Or crumbled, hot, burned, peanut butter, made-of-chicken... Basically, he's a great believer that cookies should be his. And in his mouth. Or his stomach. He can maybe go for that one, too.

Anyway. I'm sick. Not, like, dead in the hospital sick, but more coughing, drugging, icky sick.

So yesterday I decided to go out and pick up some ginger (knew it'd be more than $1 a lb, but not much, right?) and make ginger tea.

The internets tell me that ginger is good for increasing intestinal motility, which sounds bad, and for reducing nausea, which sounds good but not too useful, and that it's got some vitamin C, which sounded just about perfect.

Ginger Tea
  • Boiling water
  • 1in by 1/2in chunk of fresh ginger, chopped, diced, grated, ground up, whatever
  • sugar
 Put the ginger in the mug, the water over the ginger, and the sugar in the water. Let it sit a couple minutes, until it's cool enough to drink, and enjoy. You can make more by adding some fresh ginger to the bunch already in the mug, and the mugs get stronger for a while. Probably want to start over with new ginger every 4 or 5 mugs, if you're going hard-core.

Oh, yeah, and peel it first. You can peel a day's worth all in one go, then just slice what you need off with a veggie peeler each time you refill your mug. After the first mug-worth you really only need two or three slices, anyway.

Right, so the cost of the ginger. I don't know if it's the store, or if something's up with the ginger supply, or if I've just got generally crap luck, but they wanted $6 a pound for ginger at Publix. Which I paid, because by the time I went out to get it, pretty much anywhere else close was closed. I've paid less per-pound for organic candied ginger, which is a much cooler food.

Anyway, for $2.39 I got a huge chunk of ginger, which I can use to make tea for pennies a mug, for days if not weeks. Much better than the little tea baggies. Add whatever you want to make it better, too. Magic, right? My throat seems to like it, at least....

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