Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 307- Tasty Cream Sauce

RS tells me that my mac and cheese smells nothing like mac and cheese. I guess I'll just have to call it rotelli alfredo. Close enough, right?

Anyway, while I was making the latest batch, I thought about what else could be used with it, or would taste yummy, but isn't normally thought of. Well, that and Vegan Dad's recent post about scalloped potatoes and butternut squash.

So While I'm still making nice lazy pasta and sauce with store bought (2 for1) pasta, I'm thinking up more interesting stuff. Like squash ravioli with slightly lemony cashew cream sauce. I think I even have everything to make it.

Honestly, though? I love ravioli, really I do. I just love the time savings I get by making gnocchi instead more. Same taste, less than half the work. Almost total win.

Oh, yeah, I have a better way of measuring the stuff for the cream sauce- fill a measuring cup (size of your choice) about half way with nuts (raw cashew pieces or (blanched) almonds), add spices, then fill the rest of the way with water. That way you get *exactly* the right amount of water and stuff for the amount of nuts. Of course, if you're going to bake the sauce, you'd want to add a bit more water, just so it doesn't get too dry, and stuff.

I admit, though, I just kinda dump the nuts in the blending jar and eyeball the water. I'm a terrible baker for that very reason. High science, that baking stuff...


  1. Been so busy that I've been missing your blog. Hope you are feeling better. I really want to try the recipe for Ginger Tea. I'm not real adventurous and have never made it from anything but bags. Thanks for the how-to. Did you get to make the cookies? And what about Bear? Ya give me half a Bear story and no pics. I wanna know...did he get his cookies?

  2. I'll get you the rest of the Bear story, and maybe some photos, wednesday morning. Cookie baking got put off until tuesday.