Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 322- Birfday!

I'm thinking, now, too late, that maybe I shouldn't have had a cheese quesadilla after all.

As birthday gifts to myself go, cheese is pretty spectacularly bad. The stabbing pain in my abdomen is telling me that it won't be so easy to slip that stuff by them anymore. You'd think for a birthday they'd be nicer, but no, the stuff in my abdomen decided to re-assert it's anti-dairy thingy today. 

So if this is a little weird, blame that. Stabbing pain does strange things to a girl.

I spent New Years Eve reading books and hoping my car didn't blow up. $600 last year gets you a fine running car that leaks everything *except* oil. Air, radiator, windshield wiper, automatic steering, gas... those all leak.

Oil, nope.

Cars do not, by the way, normally just blow up around me. Strange stuff happens sometimes, but on NYE everyone and their cat was setting off fireworks in my neighborhood. I was convinced one of them was gonna aim a bottle rocket wrong and hit the gas-leaky part of the car. But no. Fireworks until 2 AM, no flaming ball of vehicular death. Win.

Food-wise, things have been really boring around here. I made a vat of chickpeas and then turned them into a way too spicy curry. Some got wasted. Realised that I'm not really eating any veggies, but there isn't much I'm able or willing to do about it just now. I actually have some beets (I think) that would be good, but the RM thing makes kitchen timing ... interesting.

Now, I'm going to go back to sleep and eventually enjoy the rest of my birthday. Even if it does mean I'm getting old. Pleh to that, I say. Pleh.


  1. Sorry about the dairy pain.
    You need to eat your vegetables.

    Kids...I never liked kids. It's completely different when they are your own, mostly because they grow on you. Most people don't START with an 18-month old (sounds like about that age). Which is a good thing. The older kids get, the cooler they get, especially when they can talk and hold a conversation.

    I drink Lipton. I prefer the better teas (and they stock them at work), but in essence, I'm lazy. And Lipton-in-a-bag is easy. And available. And cheap.

  2. strangely enough, I don't actually *mind* the 18mo/old. It's the parents that are driving me nuts. I don't blame the kid for screaming when it's parents put it in near permanent time out, just like I don't blame a puppy that eats half the house when you leave it loose to go to work.

    I'm more the eccentric aunt type. I don't mind kids in small doses, but I can't really take *any* people *all* the time. Kids are kinda the definition of "all the time". So I'll just borrow them when I want some kid-time. Cheaper that way, too.

    I really *do* need to eat my veggies. I *love* veggies, and they just keep slipping off the budget in favor of something easier, or something I need (salt, oil, flour).

    Lipton *is* easy, but there are other bagged teas that taste good too. I think Allie is just spoiled with her never-ending tea stash. I just happen to be down to the last dregs of a once mighty stash of tea, so it's my least-favorite and oldest.

    Actually, thinking of it that way, lipton's might be better....

  3. Happy belated birthday, j! :) I hope you had a good one.