Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 329- Junk Food Cravings

It never fails. When cash is low, my craving for junk food shoots through the roof.

Normally it's not a problem. I pick up what I crave, nom it, and get on with my day. Yesterday, though, I picked up my snack of crave-y-ness and nommed it. Then it decided that the cheese was going to turn my abdomen into a raving center of liquid hate. It was not a good afternoon.

Anyway. I ended up only really eating a pizza (+2 to pain) and some more cookie dough. I didn't even want to cut open my nice tasty avocado, even though it's finally ripe. Guess I'll eat that today. With onion, vinegar, salt? Maybe. Maybe some roasted root veggies, too. I should still have some worth eating, even if it's just a carrot or two.

Srsly, though, if the (savoury) junk food fairy stopped by I'd be soooo happy.

There's something about the flavors that gets me. I don't know if it's all the sugar in the frozen food and chips that I crave, or the salt. I just know that an avocado wouldn't have worked. I don't know if even nachos would have worked. It's the cheesey, tomato-y flavor that calls to me most of the time.

Back when I was in high school, for a little while, there were pizza flavored Ruffle's potato chips. I would eat them every day. Could only find them at a couple stores though. then they disappeared. Probably a seasonal or test flavor. I loved them though. Tomato sauce, spice, just a hint of cheese. I could have eaten them all day long. Once or twice I did.

Now I've gone and made myself hungry. Not good. I'll just have to cook and eat real food. Pleh.


  1. I feel you on the junk food cravings. Sometimes I think I'd be perfectly happy spending the whole day nomming nothing but chips.

    Then I feel guilty, so I make some real food. Usually.

  2. Sometimes I think that if I were rich I'd weigh 500 lbs. But really, even I can eat only so many chips.

    Oh, yeah- I believe you about the real food.