Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 334- Junk Food And Oatmeal

I got paid early (don't you love when that happens?) so yesterday I wandered to the store and picked up my chips and soda. I ate the chips (duh) and started the soda. I think I'm getting closer to breaking the soda habit- something about only having it some of the time.

No fun, right?

Anyway, I nommed the whole bag of chips and some of the soda, and made a small vat of oatmeal.

The oatmeal actually wasn't bad- I used a glass pie plate to make it, so it dried out better as it cooked, and a handful or so of crunched up almonds, and vanilla and apple juice, and salt, and water, and cinnamon. Oh, and sugar, but not quite the perfect amount- It would have been better with just a bit more.

So that's what I nommed yesterday, while watching Firefly and working.

Now I have to figure out what I'm buying tomorrow morning. I think probably stuff to make fried rice. It's been a while since I had a fried rice-a-thon. And maybe cheap beans and some more rice. I dunno yet. Ideas? I'm looking at maybe $5 worth of "real" food, maybe $6. Onion, cabbage, sweet potato, frozen peas, rice and a pound of beans?


  1. please don't buy so much rice this time, ok?

  2. That show makes me wish I spoke Mandarin.

  3. @Cyndee- no more than 3lbs, promise :)

    @Kim- I always assumed it was the mandarin equivalent of engrish. So, very funny, but in a painful kinda way.

  4. Ive gotten pretty close to getting away from soda too. It doesnt taste very good when you only have it from time to time.