Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 336- Shopping and Junk Food

Yesterday I went shopping. Might have said that already. Didn't end up watching Serenity, it's buried somewhere and I haven't dug it out yet.

Anyway, I picked up reasonable stuff- a large onion, a small cabbage, a couple sweet potatoes, a pound of frozen peas, and a pound of pinto beans. Then I was bad and grabbed $2 of (cheese) pizza flavored snack. So I got out of there for $6.61.

So yesterday I *know* I ate the cheesey snack. After that, though, who knows. I don't remember anything else, so there's a pretty good chance I didn't eat anything else. And what I did eat cost $2, so I guess yesterday was fail.

But now I have stuff to make a big vat of fried rice or two (I think there's enough for two...), something yummy with pinto beans (tho who knows what *that* might be...), and plenty of tasty veggies, which will be in all I eat for the next couple days. And if I pick up a potato, I can even make some super lazy pea and potato curry. Sweet, right? Oh, and I still have lentils. I think they're breeding in the pantry.

Anyone else getting tackled by the "but I really want junk food" monster lately?


  1. I've been craving fast food for a long time - big cheeseburger and fries, or fried chicken. The fact that I haven't succumbed (there is a Sonic right across the street) is my greatest recent accomplishemnt.

    Instead I made some really yummy pasta e fagioli.

  2. Ooh, pasta e fagioli, yummy. Outstanding accomplishment.

    I really need to stop giving in, too- I need to finish off my pantry before the end of the month. I *hate* moving food. Something always gets lost in the car...

  3. Oh yes. Some of my cravings have been reduced since the lovely John (is there something weird about thinking any person who feeds me is lovely?) brought even lovelier nachos to last night's D&D session.

    But all I do most days is think about junk food.

  4. I don't know, I think most people who feed me are lovely. Of course, I also used to keep a schedule of when and where free food was available when I lived on campus....

    Oh, and I blame you for my current avocado sammich craving. All your fault.