Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 351- Easy But Expensive Food

I am, I admit, no good at all with uncertanty. Not the kind you run into in science. That I'm good with. More the "where am I, where am I sleeping tonight, where will I be next month" type. Put me in a car without a map in a place I've never been and I pretty much totally flip out.

Which is strange, because nothing that freaks me out is really dangerous. I mean, no one ever died because they didn't know if they turn left or right to get back to the freeway (well, unless one way led into some kind of war zone...). Kind of funny, actually. I *love* to travel, and travelling is *full* of being lost.

Anyway, with my brain freaking out at me, I have given up even the last dregs of my budget eating project. I've got a bag of vegan "chicken" sticks, and stuff to make super easy sandwiches with. Yesterday I had beans on toast, which is pretty cheap in the UK, but imported beans are spendy. Fast, easy, not much cooking. Maybe some slicing, but not even much of that.

Basically yesterday I went to EarthFare and picked up stuff I wanted. A chunk of fake feta, a bag of not-meat, a huge avocado, some TVP. There were some other veggies, too, but that was most of it. Ten dollars worth, even. Avocado sandwich anyone?

I think the only things missing are the vat of hummus and falafel mix. Maybe next week...

Did that even make sense?


  1. If you think about it though, this might be causing you to spend less overall, because you aren't springing for the bag of chips here and there.

  2. It's totally possible that I'll spend less. I'm hungry more, though. Probably less snacking and lower fat- even with the avocado...