Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 358- Squish!

Back to food!

After the stupor bowl there is, for some strange reason, a whole lot of snack food in mom's fridge. Not complaining, by the way, I really like a fridge full of hummus and salsa and stuff. I gives me ideas.

Crazy ideas, I admit, like ravioli stuffed with bean puree, but still, ideas.

So I'll probably be playing with a few of those later today or this week. Yesterday I just kinda snacked. Then there was dinner. Mom and the SD eat actual really for real meals. At the table and everything. With, like, protein, starch, and veggies.

It's very strange.

Anyway, last night they had leftover meatloaf (I had fake meatballs, you know, to kinda keep the theme), brown rice (which I *still* think tastes strange), and squish.

Er, sauted/ steamed (sliced) zucchini and yellow crook-neck squash. With about half a smallish onion and some diced garlic. Oh, and plenty of pepper. They're pepper people here. Other than being a little slimy (always a possibility with zucchini) it was pretty good. I added salt, though, I totally admit. Budget was not even close yesterday, of course. The fake meatballs were about a dollar all by themselves. But it was tasty.

Now I have to go try to get the dog to eat his breakfast and move some pictures of him off the camera and onto the internets.

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