Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 360- Easy Food, Mom Style

Yesterday was dinner at mom's. I made some tasty "not meat" meatballs, and ate it with sweet potato and asparagus. Sweet potatoes are (obviously) cheap. Asparagus not so much.

Of course, asparagus is (I'm told) pretty easy to grow. Heck, it grows wild out west. It can't be that tough. You just have to wait a couple years before getting to eat anything off the plants. Tastiness. If only I were a stick-around-3-or-4-years kinda girl.

Today I need to (actually really for reals) get some food together before heading back over to Drama City. Or else, you know, put my crock pot and rice cooker on dad's big shiny granite counter and cook my (cheap) food there. Actually, that sounds like *fun*. Probably not in a good way.

Yay, weekend?

Oh, yeah, I'll pull out all the receipts and add them up over the weekend, and toss out a (close-ish) number Monday. Since it's, you know, actually the last day.

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