Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 362? 364?- Almost The End

So, even though the budget pretty much totally went out the window about 3 months ago, there is just one day left. Today. After today, this whole thing is over (kinda, sorta) and I go back to eating (kinda, sorta) like a normal person.

I don't know that I really learned anything. Well, ok, I'm lazy and don't like cooking for myself. That's kinda something. I also have way too much fun with flour. And I don't like being forced to totally change my eating habits so I can't have the two or three things I love.

I learned that I love more than just the cheap veggies. Ok, I knew that already. I learned how to do about 2 dozen new things with cheap veggies. I learned that I *can* live without avocados, but it really isn't fun. I learned that I like tofu because it's *easy*, as long as I don't have to make it. I learned that almond milk gets sweet when you cook it, but if you leave it cold/ raw it can work in just about anything.

I found just about every cheap place to buy food in all of Charleston. I still have food (I've ben cheating and eating "other" people's food). I don't think I've actually eaten *real* food all weekend. Last night I crawled out of my hotel cave and got some fries...

Oh, yeah, I *love* potatoes, but not enough to pay more than 50 or 60 cents a pound for them most of the time.

Now, I'm gonna go eat my ($2.48) chocolate bar and do some work. Anything you want to know?


  1. If you had to do the whole year over again what would you do differently?

  2. oops, sorry, missed this yesterday.

    I think I'd cook more. I'd have people over for food- cooking for other people means I can't have the *exact same thing* every meal for a week. I'd actually plant a garden rather than just talking about it.

    I think the whole chip thing is pretty much a given, no? I would also have hunted down (and used) a wider variety of grains and beans and whatnot.

    If I were *really* smart, I'd get a couple other people and do it as a group project- more money total, means more variety. More people also means (theoretically) less cooking each.

    Oh, and I would have had *someone else* keep track of the receipts and doing the math.