Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 365- In Which I Avoid Doing Math

I will get those numbers, really, honest, eventually. I just don't have them yet. And to be honest, after my fun-fun weekend of airport hotel anti-debauchery, I'm really not in the mood to math.

So instead I'll share random stuff. Ok?

Right, so I have a deep love for Swedish Fish. They are tasty, they are chewy, they are gummy, they are even (gasp) veggie/ vegan. They are the most magicallist snack food ever. Bear thinks so too. I know because I brought the (open) bag of Fish into the computer room with me, and he would not stop sniffing. He *wubs* the way it smells. He would like to eat the whole entire bag.

I gave him *1* because a dog on a sugar high is bad for my work, and watched him. Swedish Fish take much investigating. First they have to be grabbed (because, of course, until the food is in your mouth it can *totally* still be taken away. Then they have to be dropped on the floor and sniffed. Then picked up and licked. Then they get dropped and looked at and sniffed again, before (I'm pretty sure) being swallowed whole. Unlike asparagus which takes *much* chewing.

I also swung by Dad's to pick up some of the stuff I unloaded Friday (how's that for careful use of gas...). As I was getting ready to leave with my stuff he stopped me and said maybe I'd like to send his GF a nice email thanking her for letting me stay last weekend. Because, you know, I haven't already run *waaay* over my limit for being nice to her for the year.

I may just have to get her email address from him before he rethinks that one.

Oh, and Bear says that while the first one took much investigating, any future Fish will take much Chewing and Licking of Teeth instead. And he would like to show me now, please.

Ok, off to figure out what "after budget" j.'s eat. I suspect it looks pretty much the same as during and before budget j. food...


  1. j.,

    Congrats on finishing your 365 days! I just wanted you to know that your thoughts and ideas had a profound impact on the way I'm currently living my life... and I want to thank you for that.
    I know things didn't go exactly as you had planned in the beginning - but really - what does? You made me examine long-held beliefs about food. Specifically, how easy it can be to home-cook things that seemed out of reach, and how to save a bunch of cash in the process.
    You came along at a time last year when I was looking for anything I could think of to help my family live a little more cheaply, and I'm certain that I can thank you personally for the $100s of dollars I've saved in the last year.

    I hope you decide to continue on with something new... I know you said you probably will at some point. Sometimes your inventive recipes or silly thoughts at the end of the day were enough to make me smile.
    Best of luck with whatever happens next.


  2. Oh wow, *thank you*. I'm happy that my (goofy/ crazy/ fail-ful) fun helped you. Helped *anyone*, actually.

    I'll almost definitely be putting up more food stuff, tho it will probably be a bit more general. I mean, I don't know how much I'll be cooking in Mexico, but I *know* I'll be eating.

    I'll try to get the adding done and up over the weekend sometime. I'll be spending another snazzy weekend at the hotel. It should be ... fun...

  3. In addition to figuring out how much you went over budget, it would also be nice if you could guess how many meals and such you didn't have to buy because of mom, dad, guys who think you're cute, the occasional thing where free food was provided for everyone, etc....

    Did you lose weight while you were doing this? Do you plan to keep doing this? If you did lose weight and you don't plan to keep doing this, you might make a note of how long it takes to gain the weight back.

    And if you could group all of you favorite recipes together that would be good too.