Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eating Out On A Budget, Mystery Island-Style

And just so we're clear here, the "mystery" island is *not* Cuba. I'm told there's *nothing* cheap there for tourists. I'm still solidly in Mexico. Just a very small, rural, way-the-heck out there part of Mexico.

Anyway, here on the mystery island (which isn't really that much of a mystery- I've been talking about it on twitter, after all.) Carnival is in full swing. The local-types and most of the tourists/ visitors are out in the square every night. The band shell is painted just for this week. There are music, games, dancing, and street food from one end of town to the other. And almost all of it costs 20 pesos.

Nutella-filled crispy crepe-thing? 20 pesos. Pork tacos? 20 pesos. Quesadillas? 20 pesos. I'm sure there was stuff for other prices, but I wasn't paying much attention- it was all meaty and I wasn't buying.

Instead, I wandered over to the local by-the-slice pizzaria, Pizza Latina. Probably the best, longest deal on the entire island, you can get a 8"x4" (20x10cm) chunk of cheese pizza for (wait for it) 20 pesos, and I think toppings work out to about 5 pesos each. Yesterday I had cheese, but the day before I had one with zucchini on it, and that was 25. I'm only guessing here, btw.

So yeah, I came all the way to BFE Mexico (no, really, 3.5 hour 2nd class bus makes it BFE) to eat pizza.

Still, 20 pesos (...$1.70us?) isn't bad for something I didn't have to cook myself. Extra not bad when you realize that *everything* on the pizza has to be shipped in, on a ferry. Not bad at all.

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