Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Dream Of Veggie Dogs

When I moved to NZ for school, I was fine for the first three or four months. Then I wanted American-style pizza. And frozen ravioli. And mexican food and ketchup that tasted "right" and mac and cheese the color of something you really probably shouldn't eat.

And I started begging my mother to send me at least some of that stuff. Burritos don't travel well, but the "cheese" powder packet from a box of mac and cheese travels just fine.

Well, I've hit that point here. I realized it about a week ago. The next day I was on the phone with mom, discussing a mad cooking/ photographing/ video-making spree I'm planning when I go home for a visit in November. I told her I'd been thinking about Veggie Dogs. How when I got "home" (in 6 months....) I was going to buy veggie dogs, american cheese (there's actually a melty vegan sliced one that works ok), crescent roll dough, and make cheesy dough wrapped hot-dog-thingies.

Since then my list has gotten longer. I want pickles. And sauerkraut. And Mac and Cheese. And zucchini. And lasagna, and gnocchi, and cheddar and sour cream ruffles, and vats of vegan sour cream, and those freaking pot-sticker things I made last year, and bagels, and ravioli, and big ripe tomatoes (I know, fat chance in November, even in SC). And Tacos in hard shells, with TVP "meat" flavored with the taco mix I love from Penzey's. And that fake "meat" stuff from Morningstar. And packaged seitan for making of buffalo "wings".

I think this is actually the worst part of travel. Forget being half-assedly blackmailed by the immigration guy, it's the lack of food I *love* that kills me.

Which isn't to say that the food here sucks. Oh, no. Quite the opposite, actually. But if my parent/ parents meet me at the airport 5 and a half months from now with a pizza from Pies-On, I'll demolish it with great joy. Heck, I was dreaming about polenta a couple days ago.

I blame you for that one, Mom.

So, outside of eating more mangoes than any one person should be allowed to, that's where my food thoughts are this week. Anyone have any super yummy foods to add to my list? You'll note that Doritos are absent. The world is suddenly lousy with them. Everywhere I can find them. Strangeness.

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