Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cookbook Up At Amazon, and PubIt! Woes

The magic 365 dollar year cookbook is now available at Amazon! And for those of you reading in other countries, it's on (GBP2.09 inclusive) and (EUR2.35 inclusive), too!

In other news, I've now spent the better part of two afternoons trying to get things straightened out over at Barnes & Noble so I can put the cookbook up there too. Unfortunately, they use the IRS auto checking thingy-mabober, which, I guess has address issues. I finally got the right name (tough to remember, when I'm in Guatemala and my Social Security card is in a box at Mom's in South Carolina). Now, I guess, they don't know what address to use. You see, I filed, I'm pretty sure, from Mom's house, used her address and everything.

So I called B&N (third time) to find out what's up. Guy asked if the address was the same as the one I filed from this year. Pretty sure, yeah. The automatic program isn't recognizing it. So he asks if it's the same one I filed from *last* year... Um, no... I'm pretty sure I was still in Wyoming when I did the previous year's taxes.

And that was the address for the years before that, too? he asked. Um, again, one year, maybe. Before that? Different address just about every year (hello, college student life).

So the guy at B&N is going to send it off to the IRS (my fave) to get everything checked out, I guess, and manually looked over. And they should get an answer in about 2 days, and *then* I'll know if I can get the stupid book up on B&N or not. Ugh.

So, that's the update. Now, to eat my tasty creamy potato/ onion soup. Recipe Monday.

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