Monday, June 20, 2011

My Tasty Food Dreams

By this time last year, I probably would have slaughtered quiet, intelligent, well-mannered children (if I could find any) for a chance to eat food I didn't have to cook myself. Here I am, though, after about two and a half months without a kitchen, and I'm getting twitchy.
Yummy Pizza With Garlic (yes, big slices)

I haven't had pasta in over a month. I've had pizza a couple times, nachos a lot, and more potato soup than you can shake a stick at (would the soup even care?). I think, without the soda, I'd be well on my way to a fine case of scurvy.

Anyway, with about 4 and a half months before I take a trip home, I'm starting to get the "I really want to eat x" thing going. Some of it I can fix down here--I suspect the healthy food store here in town sells wheat gluten. I know they sell vegan cookies. They've got pretty much all the staples. I could fill in with stuff from the local market in town.

But first, I need a kitchen.

You'd never think that eating out every single day would get old. And maybe someplace like New York City or Portland it wouldn't. Heck, both of those cities have veggie food from one end to the other. Here my choices are burrito (long walk in the rain, closed on Sundays), pizza (cheap one is also a long walk in the rain but closed on Wednesdays), or the stuff I get here.

I'm already starting to put together a list of things I want to eat when I go home. I've researched the tasty veggie food options at the Atlanta airport. I've got just under three hours there (if my flight's on time) to clear customs and immigration, hunt down food, and sprint ('cause you always do there) from the international terminal to where ever the little Delta commuter jets leave from. But they have a Moe's in the international terminal, so I'll be hitting that (and they damned well better be open and have the tasty tofu and fried onions and beans and guac and who knows what else).

Once I get home, though, I've got plans. I want to hit the Indian restaurant, and the falafel-selling places. And the real (or reasonably similar-to) New York-Style pizza place. And make mac and cheese, and sweet potato gnocchi, and crescent roll-wrapped, (maybe vegan) cheese-stuffed veggie dogs dipped in ketchup and mustard. And fake meat fajitas. And fake meatball subs. And vegan cupcake the size of my head. And chips dipped in seasoned (vegan, for stomach happiness) sour cream. And TVP tacos, piled high with all the stuff I know and love. And beans on toast, and ...

Sorry, soup's here, time to eat.

But, yeah, totally finding a place with a guest kitchen for my next location--I actually *miss* cooking. Who'd'a thunk it.


  1. When my mom and I went to pick up my daughter in Guatemala City we didn't leave the hotel for about 5 days, until my husband flew in. We tried almost everything on the room service menu and the only thing edible was the fettucini alfredo. I can't count the number of times we ordered it and each time it came with something different in it. To this day (she came home Nov 07) I can't eat fettucini. It makes me want to gag. We were there for almost 2 weeks (a VERY small amount of time compared to most parents who adopted their children from there, my best friend lived there for 4+ months) and we also made a list of things we were going to eat when we got home! We were there over Thanksgiving and I kid you not, we started off our day making grilled cheese sandwiches on the flat top stove. We then had dinner at the Westin but the food was not even close to what we consider Thanksgiving food. I can feel you pain in a very minute way :)

  2. I can't even imagine being trapped in Guatemala City--it's so scary most people skip it entirely, and those that don't only use fancy hotels and hotel-approved taxis. I'm planning to skip it except for bus transfers. Compared to that, it's really not that bad here--they're just really not big on the idea of fresh vegetables. But I can afford (and eat) all the mangoes I can stomach.

    I can't imagine eating fettuccine every day. At least I can switch it up with the odd pizza or bag of chips. Mmmm, grilled cheese.