Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Love Affair With Lactose Ends Now

Ever since I landed in Mexico, waaaay back in February, I've been scarfing down cheese and other milky things like there's no tomorrow. Sometimes I get a pass on the cheese. Sometimes I get a pass on the ice cream. Sometimes I'm a total idiot and have hot chocolate and a cream-based soup.

Those are not good times. Take yesterday, for example. It's been cold and rainy here (something about a tropical storm?), so I thought, "gee, I'd like something warm to drink while I wait for my food."

My choices were coffee, fancy coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Smart little monkey that I am, I picked the hot chocolate. Which they make with milk. Which my stomach, intestines, and all the random flora and fauna living therein are not super fond of.

I then followed the hot chocolate of intestinal distress with cream of potato soup. Which was much, much more than my stomach was willing to put up with.

This is the second time in two weeks that I've done this to myself. And I'm definitely doing it to myself--no one walks up and shoves the dairy down my throat.

So I'm cutting back, big time, on the cheese, and getting rid of the liquid dairy entirely again. It's a waste of food and money to eat stuff that doesn't get digested. After all, there are starving children in Africa we can send it to, just like all those things I refused to eat as a kid.

Now I just have to figure out how to get my calorie intake back up, without the super-calorie dense dairy.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?


  1. Avocadoes. How much are they down there? Beans, if you can get them without lard. Nuts. And eat on a schedule. Me suspicion j. has no schedule, though.

  2. Well said Alyse! I think J has never had a schedule.

  3. Price of avocados depends on a couple things--if you get them in the market, it depends on your bargaining skill, and how much the farmer feels like ripping you off. If you get them at the "real" store, it depends on what they paid for them, and how much *they* feel like ripping you off.

    And that's not fair. I had a schedule once-- when I was doing overnights. Wake up at 9:45, work at 10. Lunch around 3:30 (chips, dip, soda, cookies), off at 7, snack, class at 8, home for "dinner" between 7 and 12, make huge bowl of food, eat and play on internet until 3:30 or 4, repeat.

    Now, though... yeah, not so much. Hopefully I can fix that a bit in the morning. Hopefully.