Monday, October 3, 2011

Food You Can Buy For 20Q

20Q could buy a budget-minded person a week's worth of food. Or it could buy a snack. Or a drink in a bar.

For a week you could buy (grocery store prices):

  • 2lbs of white rice at 3.25Q ea (6.50Q)
  • 1lb of black beans for 4.95Q
  • 170ml bottle oil for 3.40Q
  • 3 tomatoes for about 2.50Q
  • 1 large onion for about 2Q
  • (0.65Q left over for w/e)
Or you could buy 1/2 a pound of cheese (all the same price).
Or you could buy a bag of ruffles Queso chips (actually 24Q).
Or you could buy a bag of Doritos and an American chocolate bar.
Or a Cuba Libre (about 6oz worth of booze, soda, and ice) in a bar.

Or, if you're feeling homesick, you can pick up a toasted bagel with about an oz of butter or flavored cream cheese for 20Q including tip.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this whole "access to a kitchen" thing?

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