Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Kitchen Of Doooooooom

So, the last "real" kitchen I had was... pretty scary. It was dirty, and infested with mice and smelly gamer boys, and all sorts of fun stuff like that. It was also that orange-y-yellow of 60's/70's decorating.

This new kitchen, paid for with $65 each from my roommate and I, is somehow both better and worse. Better because there are (to my knowledge) no mice. And because it can be moved into our spare room. Worse because it is both forever dirty, and because it rains inside when it rains.
Wood stove cooking was a fail.

It looks like it should be easy, right? Just make a fire and cook stuff on top of it. Unfortunately, I seem to fail at that first  bit.

After two hours of trying, a bunch of swearing, and the sacrifice of a candle (to get/ keep things going) I got something hot enough to almost cook onions, while warming water. Then it went out. See my magic fire in the rotting side of the stove. Local ladies really only use these if they can't afford gas, or for tortillas.

Yep, that's my kitchen. The floor isn't dirt, it's really old concrete, moss, and some dirt.

More kitchen. That's the sink on the right. It's just a big concrete basin with a drain hole (and pipe, to the yard...) in the bottom.

Even moar kitchen, complete with roommate's psychotic kitten.

And here is the stove, and the gas tank. Those things are cheaper right now.

Turns out the local gas companies are fighting, so prices dropped from a low of 130 to 65Q. Yep, big tank of propane for less than $10. You know you want to live someplace with kitchens and propane prices like this. Ignore the bit where my kitchen would be better on a sailboat, or where they regularly short people on tank weights.

You love it, right? Anyone wanna trade?


  1. .....I'll stick to my kitchen, thanks. Although the vegetation in the first picture is nice.

  2. You're no fun! Actually, if we both stay here much longer, I suspect the kitchen will actually move into the spare room. It's no fun not having a sink in the kitchen, but it's much less fun to have spiders and a river in the kitchen. Plus, it leaks so much now that we can't have a fridge.

    Still, it's fun! Honest!

  3. A camp stove once or twice a year when I go camping is as much cooking outside as I want to do, haha. What about animals stealing food?

  4. lol. The door, window, walls and "roof" are good enough to keep most animals out. And we're both veggies, and there's not too many interesting wild animals around, so other than insects, no real problems.

  5. Wondered what happened to you. Glad to see you blogging again. Sorry, but your kitchen looks a little creepy to me. I'm not into rustic.