Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Not yesterday, sadly. I was pushing to get some articles done for this morning.

Besides, I haven't got a refrigerator, and I have to finish up some cheese and butter before it goes off. So today will probably be just as fail-full. But I'll get some fine photos so you can see what kind of kitchen I'm working with.

And after this month I never want to hear "but I can't cook anything like that, I haven't got a nice kitchen like you do" ever, ever again.

Also, did I mention my house has a wood-fired oven? Beehive type. Which is going to be... interesting.... to experiment with. So prepare for lots of half-cooked, half-burned baked goods. If I can figure out who to buy wood from. 'Cause I'm sure as hell not chopping my own.

As for what I ate yesterday?

A yummy sammich of fresh cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, and basil with a side of melon.
An order of quesadillas with amazing guac.
And two diet sodas (in cans) plus one regular Coke, full sugar, in a tasty glass bottle.

Hopefully today will be better. I've got beans and bread at home.

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