Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 36- Dog-1 Me-0

I have a furry half brother. He's not very well behaved, and he forgets his name whenever he sees something interesting- but he's cute. Knowing I was "borrowing" him later to try and exhaust him, I finished off the calzone for breakfast.

Trying to tire out a 3 year old Golden Retriever is tough work, and it requires good food.
He's not responsible for the tattered roof, it was like that when I got it. And yes, He is tethered to the back seat. He likes to lean, and lick faces, and stand in the driver's lap. So he gets his harness snapped to a (very) short leash in the back. It's basically just long enough to let him lie down.

So we went for a pull at the beach. Up and down the beach. Normally I can run him halfway and he'll work off some energy and behave better. Today he thought running was an invitation to play-fight. He's not totally clear on the whole dog/ human thing. We're working on it.

So after two hours of trying to exhaust him and work on his manners it was take him home. First he tried to sit in the front seat. Got him out, made him sit, got him into the back seat, made him sit again and re-snapped the tether.

He was quiet on the way back. He tried to nap. I tried to keep him awake. When I finally got home (almost 5 hours after picking him up) I wanted a nap.

So instead of dahl, samosa flavored mashed potatoes, and onion bhaji (fried this time), I tossed a bunch of veggies in the wok with (too much) curry, some salt, and some soy creamer (which smelled sweet, but didn't make the food sweet). Not sharing the "recipe", it wasn't that good- too much hot curry.

It's really this yellow. Maybe even more.

I'll probably try making sauce the same way again, and when I come up with something that works I'll share. Until then this recipe is FAIL.


  1. J, keep up the great work! I started a blog about maiking it as a middle class family, so I am very inspired when I read your posts. I am married to a meat and potato guy, but we do have stir fry on occasions.

  2. I can relate with the "trying to tire your 'half brother'". Glad you had enough energy to go through with it! Have you thought about making small portable snacks to get you thru the day when you don't have time to crash back home? Or are you using something like that now?