Monday, March 1, 2010

Food- 3 cinnamon buns for b-fast
about 2 cups of potato/ beet/ onion/ black bean... stuff. Honestly it looked like dog food and, because I didn't peel the beets or potatoes, tasted more like dirt than anything else.

new subject.

I am lazy, and that causes problems with the whole eating thing. Not because I'm too lazy too eat. I'm just too lazy to cook.

and by "too lazy" what I really mean is that I'll loaf about on the computer, starving, for hours before I finally get up and cook something. I have been known to wait until the grocery store opens and then walk there to buy junk food rather than cook.

Cooking takes some planning. It takes effort. Not huge amounts, but some.

Most important, it takes a degree of organization. On that one I'm totally out of luck. I have not the organizing. If I did I'd just spend a day in the kitchen.

I even have a list of things I'd make, and the order to make them. I just can't get myself to actually do it.

So I guess that's my goal this week. Actually meet my eating goals for the week. Actually cook and eat every day, rather than just raiding the fridge for whatever I can eat cold. And I'm going to try some of the more interesting stuff. And some of the more boring stuff. Drat this cooking thing.

The world needs cheap vegan delivery. Everywhere.

Or I just need some willpower. And about 10 pounds.

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