Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 82- High Carb Diet

There are people out there who, for reasons wholly unknown to me, chose to not eat a lot of carbs. I will never be one of those people. I'm sure some of them have results from it that work for them. I'm sure that, somewhere, there's even some sort of reputable, peer-reviewed, reproducible study. You know, all about how carbs are bad for you, are teh devil and rape, pillage, and burn (important order, that...).

I really don't care, though. Carbs taste good. Better than bacon, even. Mostly, though, they're cheap.

So yesterday was a day of tasty carbohydrate overload. With Oil. I made a batch of pizza dough (the flour's holding extra moisture, tho, so I ended up using more flour), and I was going to spread it over two days, but that didn't happen.

First, I made a kinda lazy, half assed focaccia.
No rise, just stretched on the baking sheet, a tablespoon or so of olive oil spread over it, sprinkled with kosher salt and Italian seasoning, and baked at 450*F about 15 minutes.

It could have honestly taken about another 5 mintues, it was still damp inside, but wow, was it tasty.

Then for dinner I made a kinda stuffed flatbread

Spread it out super thin on the sheet (I *hate* working with dough as wet as this one was), oil brushed (spread with back of spoon or fingers) over half, then the rest of the Baba Ghanouj spread over that, then the "blank" half of the dough folded over it, pressed along the edges to seal, and topped the same as the one from lunch. Baked the same too, only for about 18 minutes instead.

Now *that* was yummy. Only thing that would have made it all better was a side of fresh fries, with roasted garlic vegan mayo to dip them in.

Totally unrelated- I envy people their pretty tableware. I never want to spend enough time in any one place to make it worthwhile to collect any, and I hate moving any more than I absolutely have to (this past time was a box of books, movies and paperwork, a set of golf clubs, three bags of clothes, and a laptop). But sometimes I really wish I had pretty plates to show off my goofy food. Meh.


  1. That stuffed flatbread looks really tasty. I have some dough in the fridge think that I know what Im going to eat tonight :)

  2. I don't get the low carb thing either. I can totally understand not wanting to ingest carbs from pop or any other super manufactured carb-y things. But really, a homemade bread? Those are so some kickas- carbs totally worth eating.
    I don't get the low-fat, fat-free crap either. But that's a different rant. :)
    My point was, carbs from their natural state are always awesome, and ignorance towards food sucks.

    My mom used to make us pizza with foccacia as the base. I absolutely loved it. I haven't had foccacia in years. I've got some yeast I need to use up, maybe I'll do that this weekend. Anyway, super yummy looking.

  3. Why not buy pretty thrift store dishes and then donate them back when you move?

  4. Fi- It *was* tasty. If I had time right now (and more baba ghanouj to stuff it with) I'd totally make another batch now.

    Actually, as I was making it I thought it'd make a kick ass base for pizza- with something yummy in between like olive spread, or baba, or cheese... Not thick, though- super thin... I don't want people thinking I've sided with those Chicago pizza people. New York pizza, all the way.

    Alyse- I suspect low carb is the new "extra large, extra butter popcorn, small diet soda" thing...

    Cyndee- that's probably what I'll do, as soon as I free up some cash. Alternately, I'll hit world market for one or two cute plates. I prefer salad size, and eating from bowls, so at least I won't be forking out big bucks for dinner plates. And I can still donate them when I move on.