Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 153- Sleeeeep!

So... I fell asleep at something approaching a reasonable hour last night, and woke up around noon. That's like almost 7 hours of sleep! how cool is that, right? Of course, something like 3 hours of it was of the "it's too early to wake up, I just fell asleep, the dream should do this now" variety, but hey, can't have everything, right?

I've begun fantasizing about what I might have if I take that food vacation I was talking about. The list I've got going so far looks like it would include a very sore tummy. Seriously, I'm picturing "meatball" subs for breakfast, Huge cupcake for second breakfast, Moe's ginormous burrito for early lunch, pizza (with tasty daiya) from Whole Foods for *real* lunch... and on and on and on... I think, at this point, I could probably out-eat a hobbit.

More seriously, I need to eat the mango- it's sitting in the fridge, getting way over ripe, and with my luck, probably starting to rot. Not good. The rice is made, and needs to be eaten, I just can't seem to pull it together. Ultra-fail.

Yesterday was a lazy food day again, too- I finished off the wheat nuggets (all 2 of them), then had a couple black bean burgers with spicy brown mustard for "dinner."

When (if?) I get rich, I'm totally moving to Manhatten, and I'll just rotate through the list of tasty veggie/ vegan restaurants. I'm sure they just about all do delivery. That could totally work.


  1. I heartily second the last idea, nomnom good take out. With our powers combined...

    (we can wish really really hard. damn.)

    I know it's technically-kinda illegal, but what do you think of dumpster diving?

  2. I'm way too wimpy. I'm afraid of bugs, and nasty smells, and not fond of free-roaming rodents. Plus, the stores near me all compact their trash, and the restaurants cook meat and dump everything together. Pleh.

    But yes, if we wish really hard, all together, maybe we'll all be able to afford take out, delivery, and doorman buildings with elevators, so we don't have to run up and down stairs all day. Om nom nom.

  3. I totally believe that now that you've found success with the black bean burger, you could rock the home-made falafel. I'm fantasizing about the batch in my freezer right now.

  4. Ok, I'll try the falafel again. First, though, I need to pick up some chick peas. Then, honest, I'll try it. I'm thinkin' fry then bake will work pretty good... I hope.