Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 154- Games and Junk Food

Well Sorta.

I have this ancient game. I really shouldn't call it that, 'cause it came out after I finished high school, but.. well, 12 years old is *old* in game years!

Anyway, it's called 1602, and it's... well, I like playing it. It's good when I want my brain to relax. I just set my city up ebulliently and wander off for a while. Basically, it's the worlds best time killer. I keep coming back to it, just 'cause.

So I've been playing that all night. Not great, I know. The graphics are... well, 12 years old, give or take. but it's still fun, and addictive to me, and much better than re-re-re watching Up (which pretty much features Bear the dog...).

In between scenarios, I've been snacking on left-over dinner. Nummy.

Breakfast yesterday was noodles with soy sauce. I like this much better for breakfast than oatmeal. It's still pretty much simple sugars, but it's not sweet, and I dump enough soy sauce and ginger on it that the noodles have got to have some nutrition by the time I'm done. It takes a bit longer than oatmeal, too. But it's still better.

Then I fell back asleep. When I woke up again, I wasn't hungry, really I was just hot. Eventually the house cooled off again, and I made some more food.

So when I say I made "food," what I really mean is I made junk. It was another batch of wheat nuggets (which taste better than they sound, honest) and a re-heated black bean burger, all dipped in spicy brown mustard.

I *love* spicy brown mustard. I think the only thing I love more (well, and that's often found on hot dogs) are those onions in tomato sauce that you can get at hot dog vendors in NYC. Dude... I actually made a sammich of those things once. My mother was disturbed.

So yeah, burger, nuggets. RM#1's BF showed up as I was dragging my kill back to my cave and asked what I made. He does that a lot. If it weren't so much work, and really no fun, I'd try to convert him to the dark side. Only, I have no cookies...

So I told him I had everything but the mac and no-cheese, but otherwise, it was a kids' dream meal. Then I got to hear all about how someone went to walmart looking for vegan cheese.

Which (surprise) they don't carry. Then I locked myself in my cave with my (planty) kill, and stuffed my face. 'capt I still have two nuggets left.

What I really need is some agave nectar. It's not a perfect sub for honey, but I'm thinking it'd be good enough to fake out some honey mustard dipping sauce. That'd be *even better* than spicy brown mustard by itself.

Rats, now I want Velveeta's mac and cheese stuff. I know, I'll just play a couple more scenarios and the urge will pass.

Anyone else out there still play old games? I know there are some lurking gamers. What do you go back to, even though the graphics stink, the AI is old, and you've beaten it soooo many times you don't even keep track any more?


  1. Up until the point where it broke last year, my sister and I would regularly go back to our old ORIGINAL Nintendo system (not even the 64, the original, very first, 80's something Nintendo). We LOVED Blades of Steel. And we're still mourning its death.

  2. I really like Oregon Trail and Death Gate. Though I never really play Death Gate anymore, since it takes so very long to win.

  3. Kim- you know you can buy used NES, 8-bit systems at game stores that sell used games? There's one by me that usually has one or two, plus a bunch of other out-dated consols. I've never seen a (working) dreamcast, but someday...

    Allie- I ran oregon trail up until recently, when I cleaned out an old computer and lost it. Oops... I plaid Doom for years, until I cracked the disk. I think I burned about 4 copies of 1602, just so I wouldn't kill the disk and lose the game... Hate doing that.

  4. I hook up my old computer and play Life and Death sometimes, that old doctor game. It's great. I thoroughly miss Oregon Trail.
    I hook up my old SNES every now and then but try not to play it too much as I don't want it worn out.
    Other than that its GameCube Zelda pretty much all week.

  5. I can play Oregon Trail on my cell phone.

  6. I sometimes play the original Roller Coaster Tycoon.

  7. Anything Dungeons and Dragons or the like was a big seller for me (especially Darkstone and Pool of Radiance). Oh, I loved playing Orgon Trail over and over and over again...

  8. Here you go!