Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 164- And I Ate a Bag of Chips

I should have expected it. I was sooo good the day before, eating fried rice packed full of veggies, drinking water (and some soda), not buying anything not in the budget.

So of course, yesterday I blew it. And bad, too. Chips were still on b1g1 at Publix, so I got one. I still have about $3 for the next 3 weeks (wow, that's a long time...), but I was hoping to pick up some zucchini and stuff to make more take-out-style food.

But no, instead I bought a bag of chips. Before I knew that zucchini *and* eggplant were on sale this next week. Like a fool. Oh wells.

So I ate a bag of chips, got next to no work done, read blogs, felt generally over-salted and pleh. Then when I was finally ready to talk myself back into cooking, RM#2 is asleep on the couch. Bah humbug!

I usually take advantage of roommate-sleeping time to cook. It keeps them out of my hair, I don't have to share the kitchen with them, and the coffee pot isn't going. It's quiet and calm, and i can swear all I want without anyone thinking I'm swearing at them. Add in the iPod and some music and I could probably go all day.

But with someone asleep on the couch, and no door between the kitchen and living room, just a big open space? Cooking became less likely by the second. By the time he woke up again, I was ready to crash. I still don't know what I was thinking about cooking. Cookies would have been nice, though.

Maybe bread and a batch of black bean hummus? It's tasty, easy, garlicy, and I have a pound of black beans to use up. Hmm... promising.

Camera Update- Still looking foggy through the viewfinder, so I'm going to let it dry a bit more before I try to turn it on. But drying out nicely. Maybe it won't be dead?


  1. I vote that you make 3 bean salad occasionally. Kidney beans garbanzos and canned green beans are my favorites with some onion, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, & sugar thrown in. It makes a ton of food and gets better as it sits in the refrigerator. Lightly cooked sliced carrots or some sort of boiled pasta is good in it too. Then you have something cool in the fridge to eat. Yum.

  2. also the smushed chickpea sammiches over at smitten kitchen are good, fast, and cool... and require no cooking once you bake the bread. (also I just like any recipe that involves the word "smushed")

  3. Bean salad, huh? I like black bean salad, but I dunno about a 3 in 1.

    Smushed chickpea sammich sounds more my speed. I've made chickpeas into something like egg salad before. It wasn't bad. I think I just like beans that don't have bean shape anymore.