Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 165- Cookie Dough and Blood Sugar

So a couple days ago I asked for dessert recipes (or cookies, I guess). Cyndee gave me this one. It looked pretty good. I had everything I needed for it (except the choco chips, sob), and figured it'd make a tasty snack.

If I ever get them baked I'm sure they will. Right now, though, I'm working my way through the dough one fork full at a time. I blame the noodles I had for breakfast yesterday. I had them with some lightly fried onions and cabbage (which was still kinda tough and probably should have cooked longer), then attacked with soy sauce as usual. But about 2 hours after eating them I started to get shaky. Which is probably not good. So I made the cookie dough, and to get my blood sugar up I ate the cookie dough.

Now I have half a batch of very sugary cookie dough. And a slow, slight acceptance that I need to increase something in my diet right away to keep my blood sugar from swinging so wildly. It shouldn't be dropping low enough to make me shaky, and I shouldn't be bumping it up with white sugar and white flour. The fat in the dough, I think, helps keep it up a bit, but what I really need is a protein plan.

See, there are plenty of protein sources in a vegetarian diet. They just pretty much all take longer to cook than noodles. Adding some complex carbs would be good, too, but I don't know if I can find (or stomach) enough of them in my budget to make a real difference. Also, I know most nutritionists and whatnot push for a low fat diet, but I'm wondering if a bit more fat at breakfast might help level me out for the day.

Misbehaving blood sugar and crap circulation are not the best indicators of long and continued life. There is diabetes in my father's family, and I don't believe it's the Biggest Loser kind, but rather real, inherited, naughty pancreas diabetes. So I tend to watch these shaky spells pretty closely. After all, I like my feet, my eyesight (such as it is), and my ability to eat real dessert when I want it.

Sometimes I just feel *old*.

Other than noodles and cookie dough, yesterday was pretty boring. I mixed the last of the TVP up with some random spices and about 1/8th of an onion, fried it up, added some catsup I stole from a roommate (I loudly told them while I was stealing it), and nommed it.

It's better with taco seasoning, fake cheese, taco shells, beans, avocado, and fresh tomato, but otherwise wasn't that bad. My intestinal flora and fauna are particularly pleased with it, and I could probably power a small town with their gas output. Ah, the joys of veggie food. I think I need to get a dog of my own to blame. Saying "the dog did it" doesn't work when the dog in question is 25 miles away.

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